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Where do I start?


My name is Valicity Elaine but I generally go by Vay. I'm a twenty-something Christian who is the owner/creator and sole contributor to a website that has found a space on the Top 100 Christian Book Review Blogs of 2018. Click the link to scroll through the list and find The Rebel Christian sitting proudly at number 30! With that achievement under my belt, I’ve got a lot on my plate but I'm always ready to take on more. Jesus is the head of my life which means this blog is a Christian blog before its anything else but I am so pleased to include two other blogs on the website geared towards writing and publishing.

The Rebel Christian started as a platform dedicated to breaking down barriers and stereotypes within the Christian realm. But then I became a self-published author! My time is split between Christian activism and recreational writing. There's also church, beta-reading, book reviewing, blogging, and everything else in between. I recently earned my certification in copy editing from Poynter News University and I'm so excited to share this success with you! Feel free to take a look at my certificate by clicking here.

If you're interested in the Gospel then check out my Rebel Blog, authors or readers looking for tips and hints on writing and breaking into the publishing stages take a look at my literary blog, Writer’s Block, now. Christian content creators looking for a free review, interview, or spotlight feature, click here. Authors of unpublished manuscripts looking for a critique partner, click here to check out my beta-reading/editing services.

Contact me anytime by email or snail-mail but email is strongly preferred

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