Where do I start?

I'm a twenty-something Christian with a lot on my plate but I'm always ready to take on more. Jesus is the head of my life which means this blog is a Christian blog before its anything else.

The Rebel Christian started as a platform dedicated to breaking down barriers and stereotypes within the Christian realm. But then I became a self-published author! My time is split between Christian activism and recreational writing. Plus there's church, beta-reading, book reviewing, blogging, and everything else in between. I recently earned my certification in copy editing from Poynter. News University and I'm excited to share this success with you! Feel free to take a look at my certificate by clicking here.

If you're interested in the Gospel then check out my Rebel Blog here. Indie or Self-Published authors looking for a free book review click here. Authors of unpublished manuscripts looking for a critique partner, click here to check out my beta-reading/editing services. Lastly, if you'd like to check out my own book, which I know you do, then click here.


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