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You Already Have Enough Faith


The last article I posted contained a confession about how much I used to worry—in this article I want to talk about how much I worried about faith. Now what exactly do I mean by worrying about faith?

There were many times where I would pray and ask God for something and then I’d be overwhelmed by worry and doubt. I would second-guess myself and wonder if I truly believed God would answer my prayers. Whenever I prayed and did not get the answer I’d been hoping for, I would blame myself saying things like;

I didn’t have enough faith. I didn’t believe hard enough. If only I had more faith like my pastor, then God would have answered me.

If you’ve ever thought anything like this then I want you to read this entire article.

Remember the scripture from Romans 12:3 ASV, “…As God dealt to each man a measure of faith.”

My friend, God has already given you all the faith you need for whatever you are believing in. You don’t have to worry and wonder if you’re strong enough or if you’re believing enough. You either believe or you don’t. But if you do believe then you’ve already activated the measure of faith within you to call into being those things written on your heart [Romans 4:17].

I used to think that when my prayers weren’t answered it was because of me. I had the attitude that nothing is wrong with God, nothing is wrong with God’s Word, so the problem must be me. Maybe there is some sin in my life, maybe there is a stronghold I haven’t confronted, or maybe I’m just not strong enough.

My friend, you are strong enough. Get that through your head right now. God wants to bless you—in fact—His blessings are running you over as we speak! Sometimes we think that God has not answered our prayers or that His answer is ‘No’, but that isn’t the case. God hears you. God sees you exactly where you are, and He knows the requests on your lips before you ever utter them in prayer. Do not ever think that your prayer has not been answered because God didn’t get the message. Anything you ask for in prayer was already given to you on the Cross at Calvary over 2000 years ago. So your faith does not initiate God’s giving—because it was already given to you before you were even born! All you have to do is maintain trust, patience, and continue believing and proclaiming the promises of God in your life. Your prayers only stop being answered when you stop believing.

Think of the verse from II Peter 1:3 NIV, “His [God’s] divine power has given us everything we need for a godly life…”

There it is right there! You already have everything you need to live a godly life; that doesn’t just mean the self-discipline to stay away from porn, or the endurance to push through our tough moments in life. That means we have been given the hope we need! The joy we need! The faith we need! It’s all there, my friend, all you’ve got to do is believe.

Still not convinced you’re strong enough?

Consider the story of the Centurion. When Jesus entered Capernaum, He was approached by a man who wanted Him to heal his servant who was gravely ill and facing death. Jesus asked the Centurion if he wanted him to come to his house and lay His hands on the servant—but the Centurion surprised Jesus by saying no!

Lord, I do not deserve to have you under my roof. But say the word, and my servant will be healed. Matthew 8:8 NIV

Christ Himself was taken aback by the Centurion’s words. This was such a bold statement—not one out of disrespect, actually, it was quite the opposite! This man told the Lord he didn’t need to come and physically lay hands on his servant for the miraculous healing power to flow—instead all He needed to do was speak the Word.

My friend, you don’t have to wait for some sort of miraculous encounter to know that your prayers have been answered. No matter what the situation is that you’re facing, all you need is a single word from your Father and everything will change. Can you muster the patience to wait on that? Can you trust God, even when you don’t feel Him working on your issues?

Let’s look at Jesus’ response to the Centurion in verse 13 NIV: Then Jesus said to the Centurion, Go! Let it be done just as you believed it would.

You don’t have to get more faith to get an answer. God can answer your prayers at the level of faith you have right now. Understand that I’m not saying you don’t need to grow in your faith—not at all! You should always strive to increase the faith you have, but don’t ever think that what’s inside you isn’t good enough for God to work with right now.

There were other cases in the Bible where Jesus did go and physically lay His hands on people to heal them, but notice that Jesus told the Centurion it would be done as he believed it would. Jesus met the Centurion at his expectations; in some cases, He laid hands while others He only spoke forth healing. God is more than able to meet you at your level of faith right here and now. Some of you have the faith that requires a hands-on experience and that’s ok! Jesus can still meet you where you’re at, and as you continue to grow, you will see your faith increase as you begin to believe in the promises of God more and more. Soon, you’ll be as the Centurion and need only the Word to go forth for it to be done as you believe.  

Do not stop believing, no matter what. No matter how much time has passed, how hard it’s gotten, or how much pain you’re in. God does see you and He is working on your behalf even as you read this article.

God bless!