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A Mountain Worth Moving


I was approached by Mason to review a Christian romance a little while ago; initially, I thought it would be a typical story—a good girl falling for a bad guy who eventually finds salvation because of his love for her … same old, same old. But this story isn’t like that, it actually involves a lot more pain, struggle, and growth—to be honest, I think this is more of a Christian contemporary novel than a romance but there is a love story at the center for all those hopeless romantics reading this review.

I think peace is one of the greatest blessings we can receive from God and that truly shows here in this book. From tragedy to struggle to a deep, numbing pain—I’m sure it’s safe to say John Mitchell is faced with more than a mountain but he learns through love, trust, and a hope he didn’t know he had, that God is bigger than any mountain looming before you.

What I liked most about this story was that everything wasn’t solved by falling in love. There are many Believers out there who want to be married and even refuse to accept happiness in their singlehood because marriage is so important to us. But we don’t realize that our joy is not complete in our partner, it is complete in Christ. So, I really admire the role Jill played in this story; her presence itself was not the foundation of salvation and restoration, it was the connection she had to God that poured into the lives of those around her.

A Mountain Worth Moving portrayed a deeply troubled cast who found the humility to allow God to come in and fix not just their lives but their hearts. The journey didn’t end when the book did; it’s actually pretty clear that the ending is somewhat of a beginning for John and Jill. There’s still more healing and more pushing to do but with God at the center of it all, love, joy, and peace are unavoidable. I don’t really have any criticisms here, I’m always a little skeptical of Christian romance because it doesn’t always come off as believable—or because there’s always so much hurt involved haha. I’m waiting for a story about two Christian who simply fall in love—BUT, I’m not inappreciative of the message written here.

I would recommend this book to Christian readers and anyone who loves romance. If you like drama or contemporary fiction, this might be a good pick for you too.

*I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review*