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A Spark in the Wind: TimeDrifter Series Book 0

By Lauren Lynch

A Spark in the Wind is described as a short story but I’d rather call it a teaser. It ended quicker than I thought it would which is actually good on the author’s side. It left me hanging but in a way that was intriguing enough to leave me desiring more. I was honestly a little sad when I saw that I’d reached the last page, I was ready for the action to begin and bam! I have to wait until the next book.

Even though this portion of the series was short, the ending to this story wasn’t exactly a cliffhanger. Everything was introduced in a nice way, all the characters, the backstory, even some timely humor. I got to know Daniela, our protagonist, her husband Will, and her brother Enzo. There’s also a talking cat named Sage whose personality is quite unique.

In the few pages I was given I was able to grasp Daniela’s emotional turmoil, the struggle she faced in abandoning her loved one in order to protect someone else she held dear. It made me question what I’m willing to do to protect the people I love which is a good thing! Lynch’s writing style, and the very concept of her story, engages readers from the first page. She gets into your head and uses expertly written details to blur the lines between fiction and reality. I felt pulled into the story, I felt the same emotion and the same inner struggles as her protagonist.

I must say I am very impressed and very interested in this series. I can’t wait to read the next part!