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Backyard Pretty Thoughts

By Pamela Loperena

By Pamela Loperena

This is a unique book. It’s the first request I ever received for poetry and I wasn’t sure if I should agree to read it at first because I don’t actually enjoy poetry but I thought, what the heck, broaden your horizons V! So obviously I gave it a try.

This short collection of haikus is very relaxing. It fits the title to a T, Backyard Pretty Thoughts. Loperena gets my vote in poet of the year with her ability to tug on the reader’s mind and imagination. She pulled me in and threw me for a loop at the same time, imagine the swirls that went through my head as I read. But I enjoyed it.

Her words will breathe life into your imagination, they will pull you away from your room and into a glimmering world of lush beauty. The entire book reminded me of my childhood, how pretty my own backyard was when I played late in the evening. The times I went camping and stayed out until the fireflies came out. Everything felt warm and homey, like a poetry version of Chicken Soup for the Soul.

I could see this better as a voice recording, something to play as you’re lulled to sleep into “sugary sweet dreams”—one of my favorite lines from the book because who doesn’t have—or at least want—sugary sweet dreams? There is beauty in this book and it’s not hard to find. You don’t need to be into poetry to understand the meaning behind the author’s words. I actually thought Loperena’s writing was plain and simple. It wasn’t dressed up or dazzled or covered in pages upon pages of metaphors and big words. This is something any reader could enjoy. You just have to give it a chance.

One thing about the book is the cover. I think it looks more like a dark queen fantasy book than the gentle poetry it really is but it is still appealing to the eye.

Thumbs up for Loperena, I’m expecting more beautiful work in the near future.