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Ben and Dave

By Steve King

This is quite possibly one of the most unique and original stories I have ever read! Ben and Dave is something that everyone in American society needs to read because our society is flooded with technology. Here we have a story that gives one of these gadgets a voice.

Ben and Dave gives readers a glimpse of the ‘life’ lived by a computer, portrayed by the character Ben and the relationship Ben has with his?—its?—owner, Dave. It’s quirky, it’s funny, and it’s very interesting. The narration switches back and forth to give us more insight on both characters—that seems to be a theme in King’s writing and I would know as someone who’s read three of his books now. You can find my review for his YA Contemporary novel, The Shrinking Sea here, and my review for another of his short stories called You Can Go Home Again by clicking here.

Ben and Dave is something you should read when you’re in the mood for a unique laugh. It’s surprisingly witty and has a way of making you feel connected to the oddest things. I felt bad for the way I treat my phone and computer after reading this story! So kudos to King for bringing to life a very inanimate object. How crazy do you have to be to give a soul to a computer and then to be able to evoke emotion from the readers? Some call it crazy but I think it’s wildly creative.

I’m used to reading about animals or even robots having ‘lives’ and ‘emotion’ which is totally believable for an animal but a computer is a concept I'm only just now stumbling upon. Maybe I’ve been living under a rock all this time, if that’s the case then I’m glad Ben and Dave was my introduction to this wonderful style of writing.   

I highly recommend this story to audiences of all ages, especially those who enjoy quirky comedies and characters with a unique voice.