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Children of Hellions: Hosts and Hellions, Book I

By Mia Michele

By Mia Michele

This is a story that combines heaven, hell, and everything in between. There is action, supernatural conflict, and the slightest bit of romance. The characters are enjoyable and the plot is fairly interesting! I had a great time reading this book and I will say I’m looking forward to moving on to the next one.

Ela is the owner of a bookstore who has been raising her brother since their mother and father abandoned them years ago. By all accounts, she is a strong character but not in physical strength. What I liked most about Ela was her frame of mind which was very strong from her introduction in to the story. I am someone who loves raising awareness for disabilities—autism is something that I’ve actually written about before—so I was absolutely thrilled to have such a character in a book like this.

Lucian is someone who grew on me. He had a lot of personal conflict that he battled throughout the story and showed strong development as I continued reading. In the beginning, he was definitely aloof and even seemed uninterested in the affairs of the other demons around him. He was immune to the affection given to him and only came alive when his own interests were somehow disrupted. By the end, we saw someone who had developed a conscience and showed genuine concern for the other characters involved. There is still much room for Lucian to grow—and room for his relationship with Ela as well—but I see him as a strong character who easily carried the novel from page one until the end.

I liked the plot of this story. The author did well in tying the realms together and giving a believable reason for their connection. The story wasn’t a “well disguised romance” as many paranormal books tend to be, it was a legitimate story with struggles and obstacles each character had to overcome. The thought of a demonic war going on in Canada was somewhat amusing but it plays out very well when you take the time to get into the story. My only complaint would be the ending which I cannot get into because I don’t want to ruin it for anyone. But the book was a good start to what seems like a promising series and I highly recommend it to any fans of dark fantasy and supernatural/paranormal fiction.

*I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review*