The Rebel Christian

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   By Ann Werner


By Ann Werner

This is a classic thriller with many more twists and turns. The base of the storyline, outside of the stalking, the killing, and the violence, is quite original—Werner keeps readers on the edge of their seats throughout the entire ride, her excellent writing does not disappoint. It also helped that the cover photo really fit the story well. So simple yet full of that dark energy you get from the book.

Let me tell you about the plot before I dive into this review. We have a successful female lead named Emily Simonson. She’s a famous chef with a relaxed yet determined personality. Emily is someone every hard-working woman can relate to. Werner does a great job at laying out Emily’s character, she is not just our protagonist she’s an average woman. She has feelings, sarcastic wit, intelligence, and a great job too!

So Emily is heading to Southern California after working her buttocks off in New York. Werner’s writing really comes into play as she sets up the scene and background for the readers. We are taken through some of Emily’s fondest memories as she climbed the ranks in her career then the story progressively becomes more and more serious. Emily is harassed and tormented by threatening letters and then her lookalikes begin to drop.

The psychological part of the book comes into play once this happens. There’s voices in the character’s head, there are twisted signs of clear psychological and mental disturbance, all the makings of a CRAZY awesome horror novel. I liked the mystery, I enjoyed being guided through the mind of the killer and watching as the characters became more and more frustrated especially when tables were turned and surprises were revealed.

This is definitely a great book for any fans of horror and mystery. I think it’s twisted and dark but full of great writing. This is a true example of good literary talent, there is never a moment of peace for the readers or the characters. Emily is between a rock and a hard place, forced to pick and choose who she can trust—no one is safe. Her friends and associates; Chris, Monica, Gina, etc, even her bodyguard can come into question.

This book could have easily become another knife and slash, cut and stab novel but Werner stretches our imagination with her great detail and in-depth description. There is violence, there is a certain amount of shock but there’s also characterization, an interesting plot, a wonderful climax and a superb thrilling twist. Werner has put together a work of gory art and that’s a great compliment! I look forward to her future works and recommend this to readers who love a little blood and mystery.

*I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review*