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Dark Destiny

By Thomas Grave

This is a very typical good versus evil story but what makes it unique is that both the good and evil are represented within the main character, seventeen-year-old Sebastian. As the description says, Sebastian is suddenly given the title of Reaper—that’s right—Grim Reaper. So what will he do? Will he take up his scythe and go swinging into supernatural dominion? Or will he hang onto the threads of his dwindling humanity and attempt to continue living out a normal life?

Tough decision when you’re everything but normal.

If you’re a fan of supernatural novels then this is the book for you. It is written quite well and has an interesting plotline. I loved the internal battle and struggle of the protagonist, it left readers wondering throughout the book which side will he choose? What will happen next? The protagonist constantly teetered between good and bad in such a way that made me question whether to call him the protagonist or antagonist.

I think at times it is hard to like Sebastian because he clearly struggles with being Death or being a teenager but when it comes down to it, he chooses the lives of those in his inner circle rather than others. I mean, he is ‘Death’ not an angel so I can’t really blame him for being somewhat selfish in his pickings.

I did enjoy the story very much but one of the complaints I have is about the narration. I am one who enjoys multiple POV’s but I felt like there were just too many in this book. A lot of the switching was done to explain events that played out in the story—obviously things that could not be explained by Sebastian because he was just as confused as the readers at times. I understand the switching but I think it could have been done more smoothly or let things play out and then explain it later on through dialogue or whatnot.

At the end of the day, this is a great book that I highly recommend to readers of all ages. Those who are fans of supernatural and sci-fi reads will definitely want a copy but it will still be entertaining to any YA fans who are open to new reads.

*I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review*