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Death of a Movie Star


So, I feel kind of awkward writing a review for this book because there is a lot to like about it but if you don’t like reality television or the silliness that comes with it, then this book is probably going to be hit or miss for you.

I really liked the dark humor and the behind-the-scenes work for Hollywood films that you get to see throughout this book. It really did feel like I’d taken a trip to LA and got an exclusive sneak-peek into the movie star lifestyle. The opening was very strong, it pulled me in right away. I got through the book rather quickly and found the ending to be surprisingly pleasant.

My only complaints about the story were that sometimes it felt oddly familiar to the Hunger Games series, and not in a good way since I did not enjoy any of those books. I also did not find the characters to be very enjoyable. They were all insanely one-sided and lacked a lot of development. I just wish their personalities wouldn’t have been so simple, there was a lot of opportunity for them to grow and develop but I feel like they were flat and often annoyed me.

I won’t say this book is ‘bad’ because it certainly has good points of entertainment and is written quite well. But I realized its just not a genre I enjoy. If I had more of an interest in petty drama and simple characters based in a Hollywood style story, then I might have enjoyed it more. Nonetheless, I would definitely recommend this to others; it is 100% worth a shot.