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Descendent Darkness, Book One: Stirrings

By A.J. Macready

By A.J. Macready

Descendent Darkness is a good read. It is written VERY well, to the point where it is more than clear that the author has spent a long time with this idea. The narration is sophisticated and clear, the plotline isn’t complex but every part and every detail in the story is important. This is something that you have to pay attention to, it is not your average vampire read with gentle kisses and a blossoming romance. There is a mystery going on here, there is violence, drama, and a great outline for an awesome and unique supernatural novel.

What I liked most about this book was the maturity in the writing. I don’t know if this is Macready’s debuting novel or if this author happens to be a bestseller but this book has the kind of writing and style comparable to some of the classics. I wouldn’t be surprised to find this book alongside the likes of Stephen King. The flow, the structure, and the storyline were very well laid out for readers. This is something avid readers will digest and hungrily look for more. The narration flows almost poetically as the description is painted onto the pages not merely written as a list for us to read through.

I have given my honest opinion about the good in this book but I must include the bad. While I did very much enjoy the story and would recommend it to readers of all ages, I found the book a little difficult to get through at times. It was written well and it was interesting but it moved like a rock. There was an introduction AND a prologue. Beyond that, the story progressed like a snail under water. Admittedly, I skipped pages. But not because it was boring, it was just so meticulously written that it felt slow. Maybe I’ve been dumbed down by all the quick reads and easy YA literature. Maybe it’s my fault for being used to those cheesy vampire romances. Or hey, maybe Macready has a slow style.

Like I said, the story was GOOD. It was intriguing, dark, and even mysterious at times. It just felt a little too slow. Overall, this is a book that will be loved by fans of supernatural reads and anyone interested in dark fiction will enjoy it as well.

*I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review*