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Everyone Dies at the End

By Riley and Sara Westbrook

By Riley and Sara Westbrook

Another zombie apocalypse. I don’t feel bad saying that because this one is actually good! I don’t know why the authors decided to give such a telling title but it actually works and it works well. This is a story that’s a little short but it’s so original and completely interesting I loved it.

The antagonist is all around us, that gives this book an edge aside from the fact that the cast experiences some strange events and escapes a few heart-pounding scenes. Speaking of characters, this cast is definitely diverse in background. It makes the story all the more interesting, quirky, and original. Everyone ranges in age, physical appearance, and definitely personality. Plus, it helps that the depth of the story is great and the detail and description is spot on.

I really did like this story but one thing I have to complain about is the point of view. I did like the multiple characters and insight we get from them. I enjoyed the overlapping stories and how the authors crafted them, bringing together essentially two casts to make one cohesive story. Everything about that was good, I even liked the style of narration because it almost felt like a comic book but it got a little jumpy as we went from character to character so suddenly. I would have liked a smoother transition but overall it is a good story.

The ending is something everyone keeps talking about, it IS good but so simple I felt a little let down. I won’t complain, though, because the entire book had been entertaining and hilarious up until that point but I will say you will either love or hate the ending and the way you feel about the ending will probably effect the way you feel about the overall story. You can love it until the last page but if that lets you down it’s like the whole story is worthless.

Fortunately for this pair of authors, I didn’t think it was so bad so I gave it a rating I think was well deserved.

*I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review*