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Full Moon Rising: Trilogy of the Wolf Book I

By JB Jenn

By JB Jenn

*I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review*

I will be honest—like I’m supposed to be—I have mixed feelings about this book. The thing is, when you write about common mythological creatures, such as werewolves or vampires, you have to bring something new to the table and I feel like that didn’t happen here. This was a very typical werewolf story, even down to the title: Full Moon Rising. We all know wolves change on the full moon, we all know wolves have a dedicated pack mentality, we all know wolves tend to be protective of the ones close to them—all typical behavior, all featured in this book.

Now, just because the book was typical doesn’t mean it wasn’t entertaining. The prophecy cast an ominous shadow over much of the story and gave it that dark, supernatural aura that got me turning pages. The style of the author’s writing was almost old fashioned and gave the book a somewhat classic feel, especially in the descriptions which were beautiful and very detailed. I felt like I’d been taken into that world; I could perfectly imagine every character, setting, and action scene.

I also liked the entire cast and their interactions. I was happy the dialogue always fit their personalities. Each individual had a strength of their own which became prevalent as the story progressed. While I did find the pacing to be somewhat slow—probably due to the wordy yet beautiful details in the story—I felt it matched the overall style of writing and fit the story very well.

For the actual plot itself: it was cool having a werewolf book told from the perspective of a Priest on the run. You usually get some teen romance novel with these sorts of genres. Maybe the Priest’s perspective was the “new” thing I felt the story lacked but in the end, it still didn’t add up to more than an OK book. Grammatically, everything was fine. Developmentally, everything was fine. Contextually, everything was fine. Creatively, it fell a little flat for me. BUT I think it has enough of that classic werewolf style to appeal to a number of old school supernatural nerds and fantasy readers.

I would recommend this book to any werewolf fan and those who like classic supernatural/fantasy novels. If you’ve got a taste for a little horror/violence then you might enjoy this too.