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Giovanni Goes to Med School: The Med School Series, Volume I

By Kathy Bryson

I’m always excited when I get to read unique and original books, Giovanni Goes to Med School is certainly one that falls into that category. I like zombie reads but I’m used to the violent and apocalyptic ones, like World War Z and such. So when I was presented with a funny, light-hearted take on zombies, I couldn’t wait to sit down and give it a good read-through.

This book is rather short and is actually packed with details and events for its length. I was expecting a longer story to support the content and what was described in the blurb and I think that’s what caused some awkwardness in the book. If things had been stretched out or explained just a bit more in-depth, then I think the story would have come together a little better. That’s not to say this isn’t a good read, just that—for me—the overall flow and structure wasn’t my taste.

That being said, I did think this was a good book. The comedy was there and I thought the detail, in terms of human decay, was informative and a little gory. I’m not turned off by gore so I found those descriptive passages to be somewhat enlightening as someone who knows very little about the process of human decay or what goes on in a morgue.

I did enjoy Giovanni’s character. In the beginning of the book he was presented as a nervous, somewhat quiet guy and I think he really opened up as the story progressed. I would have liked a bit more realism in terms of his reaction to the ‘zombies’ he dealt with but we are talking about zombies here, nothing is very realistic to begin with.

When it comes to editing, the book was good. A left out word here or there but nothing offensively incorrect. I made it through the book with a smile on my face so I’d say Bryson did a great job. If you have even a remote interest in zombies then I would recommend this book to you. It definitely has its fair share of gore topped off with originality and well-placed humor.

*I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review*