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In Angelic Arms


I love this! In Angelic Arms is a classic YA novel with an EXCELLENT inclusion of the Christian faith. You have love, romance, emotion, drama, and very high stakes—all of it brought together with great writing and solid characterization. Before I begin my review, I want to say that I would definitely recommend this book to readers of all ages; anyone who enjoys supernatural fiction, YA romance, or drama will certainly love this, but it will MOST appreciated by Christian readers. I’m actually very proud to be able to add this piece to The Rebel Christian’s growing list of wonderful faith-filled books.

Now to get to the review! I’ve already said In Angelic Arms is a work of Christian fiction but what makes it so entertaining for me is that its fiction surrounding angels—obviously, if the title is any indication, right? Our protagonist is a young girl of seventeen named Kara who finds herself wrapped up in a swirl of emotions and overwhelming responsibilities when she meets her enchanting guardian angel—Evan. Evan is literally a knight in shining armor but he brings a lot of complications to the story as his light is so mesmerizing it actually distracts Kara from her true purpose in God’s plan for her life.

What I liked about this book is that it is very relatable to the life we live every day. While we may not be able to speak to any guardian angels—we do find ourselves (sometimes) distracted by the dazzles in life. You know the saying; when life is bad, pray—when life is good, pray. Some Christians get criticized for not praying and thanking God when life gets tough, but how many of us can remember a time where life was all good and we still neglected our duties as a Believer? Kara experiences something similar to this as she allows Evan and his presence in her life to sidetrack her duties in her faith.

As much as I talked about Kara’s distractions, I must admit there is a lot of bravery in her character as well. She is a strong protagonist who carries the story well and makes it easy to cheer for her and identify with her. I loved her relationship with Evan and even her relationship with God. This is such a sweet yet powerful story that truly encompasses our walk with God in both a realistic and fantastic way. It ties together the super and the natural realms of our faith while maintaining a small sense that ‘this could really happen’.

Overall, this is a wonderful book that I would recommend to any reader—Christian or not. Of course, you’ll definitely appreciate it more if you have a foundation of faith, but it will be just as entertaining and enjoyable to secular audiences.

*I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review*