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Jasmine: Teumessian Trilogy, Book III

By Ana Elise Meyer

By Ana Elise Meyer

I had the privilege of reading and reviewing the other two books in this series so I was definitely excited to receive a copy of Jasmine from the author.

As a stand-alone book, Jasmine holds its own. It has action, PLENTY of suspense and enough originality to keep it afloat without its predecessors. I enjoyed Jasmine just as much as the others and appreciated the ending to the book as well as the series as a whole. My only complaint would be the cover, which isn’t much of a complaint at all. I do like it but I loved the cover for James so much more I can’t help but compare them. I think James will probably be my favorite of the series now that I’ve read all three and can make a proper comparison.

The first book sets up the scene. There’s probably more mystery and action in that book than any other. It’s like starting a hot fire and then watching it spread slowly. James is all about characterization. I definitely got to know the cast a little better in Book II and appreciated the writing style of the author. But Book III is like a mission from point one until the end. The beginning opens with things getting started between the characters.

The best part of this series is that there’s a lot of finding out along the way. Nothing is ever really clear right from the get-go and Meyer really depends on that to keep the pages turning. She doesn’t drag things or feed us pages and pages that we don’t need just to extend the story. Every word has a purpose, every action is deliberate. In between fast paced action sequences, I got a healthy dose of characterization and dialogue. When there wasn’t dialogue I got world building and background information that really helped carry the story. I didn’t get to sit and read the series in one go so I enjoyed having the dialogue as a vehicle for providing the ‘in-between’ details from book to book.

Things definitely have their build-up in this book. I loved the intensity and liked the edgy mystery and high risks that the characters took in Jasmine. There were some close calls and a few OMG moments that made for great enjoyment while I read. Overall, and this is no surprise, Jasmine was yet another wonderful read and an even better conclusion to such a refreshing series. I would recommend this to any reader who enjoys action and fast-paced books. Anyone who appreciates a high dose of suspense will want to get their hands on this.

*I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review*