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Keepers of Men

By Eric J. Martindale

By Eric J. Martindale

There is so much in this book it could have easily fallen apart at the seams. But no, we have a fast-paced, electrifying book presented by an equally armed and dangerous author. It’s so nice to see a fellow Christian author with so much talent and the boldness to showcase it.

Let me tell you about the awesome ride I experienced just a few days ago.

This novel hits the ground running, right from the start readers are sucked in with a wordy introduction about the state of the Nation and the future it holds—or not. Think of this book as an apocalyptic read but only on a political level. It is psychologically thrilling and so close to a reality that may be in our future it will leave you with chills.

The first part of the book is titled The Last Exodus which clearly alludes to a combination of faith and fiction.  I immediately knew where this book was headed and I was ready for the ride. That’s the thing about Martindale, nothing is left in secret. You want heart-pounding scenes that will get your pulse racing? Here you go. You want excellent writing and emotional connection, here you go. You want believable characters, controversial situations, and tough decisions? Then please do yourself a favor and grab a copy of this book now.

This book is chilling. It is slightly dark but in a way that I found really worked for the novel. I could feel the underlying message crawling from between the lines, that’s what stayed with me after I closed the book. I feel like this book is an entertaining wake up call, not just to Believers but to all of America.

Christians and other readers alike will love this book. I highly recommend it to readers of all ages but those of the faith should go to their church leaders and demand they grab a copy. This is thoroughly entertaining and equally informative of both the Word of God and what may come in a Nation without it.

*I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review*