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Legacy of the Devil Queen: Eve of Redemption, Book IV

By Joe Jackson

*I received a free copy of this book in exchange for a fair and honest review*

I have had the opportunity to read and review the other three books in the Eve of Redemption series and I have greatly enjoyed each of them for varying reasons. I have watched Kari grow from a young and restless demon hunter to the mother-to-be we see in this book. While there are many things that remain constant in Jackson’s writing, this book demonstrated his ability to still, somehow, surprise readers with his talents some four books into the series.

The big difference between book four and the other novels is the integration of a second point of view. With a world as big and vast as what we’ve seen in Jackson’s writing, having another POV definitely provided another aspect to the story—one that was more intimately involved with the events that unfolded.

My favorite part of the story was growth in characters, especially Kari. I’m sure I’ve commented on her in each one of my reviews but I can’t help but feel impressed with her. She is going to become a mother at probably the most inopportune time. Now Kari faces a challenge that most of us have trouble overcoming; trusting ourselves and the decisions we make.

It’s a struggle for Kari to take care of herself while fighting back worries over her friends and families whom she is unable to protect as she did before. It’s a struggle for her to be so removed as she was in comparison to her role in the previous books. This sort of transition was definitely entertaining but it also demonstrated the sort of controlled complexity Jackson has as an author. It isn’t easy to suddenly switch POV’s in the fourth installment, it isn’t easy to have your main character pregnant and detached. But Jackson included such drastic changes to this story and did it very well.

Despite the major changes in Kari’s life, there is still plenty of action and edge-of-your-seat thrills to be discovered in the pages of this book. It is by no means a disappointment and has certainly become the best of the bunch in the Eve of Redemption series.

I can’t recommend this book to fantasy readers without insisting they pick up the other books in the saga as well. It will make a wonderful addition to anyone’s library but has a special place in the hearts of those who enjoy books with a strong female lead and characters who have much to lose. If you enjoy great action, war, and fantastic creatures, then the Eve of Redemption series is a strong recommendation for you.