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Mountain Song: Book 3 of the Heaven's Mountain Trilogy

By Jacalyn Wilson

By Jacalyn Wilson

What I liked most about this book was the fresh description and the style of narration. It wasn’t that Wilson used outlandishly big words, or poetically written paragraphs of detail and dialogue. What she gave me was a plain story but it was heightened by the realism behind her characters and background detail. I really liked reading the book simply for the detail, but…you know…the story was great too.

In a way, this is an old fashioned romance. You have the strong, independent female lead paired up with her handsome childhood friend who can be described as a bit of a trouble maker. It’s the classic story of good girl in love with a bad guy and I love it. I had absolutely no problem with the clichés—whether intended from the author or not. In fact, this is a great romance that takes advantages of the stereotypes within the genre.

Don’t get me wrong, there is a lot of originality in this book. Like the fact that it’s a Christian romance which actually crosses the boundaries into the dark zone for a little while. The character Billy Lucas is one of those guys who makes your heart go wild but your mind is busy ticking away too. Katherine has trouble as she wonders if she can trust Billy but deeply wants to believe his declarations of love.

That’s exactly what this book centers on; trust. Whether it’s between Katherine and Billy, Katherine trusting herself, or Katherine trusting God. Mountain Song puts a heavy emphasis on what trust means in a relationship and what can happen when you don’t have it. I really enjoyed that strong emphasis on trust because it is something many Christians struggle with, not just with trusting God but also with trusting themselves and others. Many Believers will preach about the importance of trusting God, that’s so vitally important, but it’s also important to trust each other. So I appreciated this book for demonstrating the significance of trust so easily and in an entertaining way.

This book is well-worth every star I rated it and I would recommend it to readers who enjoy romance, whether its Christian or not. This book will have you turning pages as you laugh and cry with the realistic characters. It is something every Believer should read with their family and friends.

*I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review*