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My Tethered Soul: Reaper's Rite Book II

By Dorothy Dreyer

By Dorothy Dreyer

Another awesome story by Dorothy Dreyer. I read the first Reaper’s Rite book, if you don't remember my review you can find it by clicking here. I was completely taken in by the first book, that being said, the second book did not disappoint. It’s just as dark as the first with the same amount of suspense, thrill, and adventure. Not to mention a growing romance that definitely takes a stronger stand in this book than the last.

Everything seems so much more mature in this book. Even the opening gives you a taste of the growth not just from the characters but from the author as well. A clear image of the story is painted right from the start and it went beyond my expectations. This book is a YA read but trust me, it is intense. Brutally intense.

The action was there and it was full of great detail and grace. The narration of the entire story is very well written but I personally enjoyed the action sequences because they were easy to follow and fun to imagine while I read. I loved seeing the characters and their training then having that acted out in the field, it was definitely a thrill to witness.

I could be nitpicky and complain that Zadie was left alone a few too many times, especially for someone who was in clear and obvious danger. But you know, this was a story that allowed the reader to overlook the little things. The ending was great, that’s the only way I could describe it but I do feel there’s room for more. That might just be me wanting more because I felt a sense of satisfaction when I closed the book but I’ll be honest, there was also a sense of sadness.

I’m glad that I agreed to read this book, it completed an already awesome story but did it in a satisfying way. I have no complaints and I look forward to what may come from Dreyer in the future.

I would recommend this book to fans of YA, especially those with an interest in supernatural and dark fiction. If you like action and books where the characters have something to lose then this is something for you. 5-stars for awesome.

*I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review*