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Myrwen of Amaranaca

By Ashley Frerking 

By Ashley Frerking 

Frerking delivers a wonderfully written fantasy novel centered on a young girl named Melinda. Relatable in many different ways, Melinda is someone readers can easily see themselves in. She is kind, loving, and wants to have that normal school life many see on television except these simple pleasures have eluded her due to frequent sickness. Melinda is left with little to no friends because of how often she misses out on school and building a social life, but everything changes when a mysterious boy enters her life and reveals that she is actually a princess from another world.

In a new body, in a new world, with servants and sworn companions, Melinda finds herself on a journey she couldn’t even dream up if she’d wanted to. In the world of Amaranaca, Melinda is known as Myrwen—a lost princess—and she is free of illness, struggle, and her pitiful solitude. She treats her servants as friends and bravely sets off on an adventure that will define her as a leader and a member of the royal family. Myrwen is quick to learn and adapt to this new world and she handles the challenges thrown her way with distinguished maturity. Her companions make for a great cast and the world-building paired with the easy flowing writing pulled the story together to make this book an easy and enjoyable read for all ages.

I can see middle grade to young adult audiences grabbing a copy of this book. Anyone who likes a well told Cinderella story will probably enjoy this, but I think female readers looking for a strong girl to fall for will certainly want to grab a copy. My only complaint about the book is actually the title! I think a book written for younger audiences should probably be about a world and a character that’s easier to pronounce. I honestly avoided calling the title in this review as much as possible for fear of misspelling it! It’s definitely a proper title and a fitting name for a princess of a fantasy world but its unattractive in the way that its tough to pronounce and isn’t a visually appealing name. I wasn’t sure if I was diving into a fantasy or a book written in a foreign language at first. All in all, it is still a read worth every page!