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I have read work by Diamante before and I have spoken of her way with words. She is a wonderful writer with a gifted imagination and that fact could not have been demonstrated more thoroughly in this emotional and powerful piece.

I will be the first to say that I do not enjoy poetry, in fact I’m sure I have that listed in the section of Things I Don’t Like to Read on my query page. If it is not, then I will add it later. That being said, I did enjoy Diamante’s work very much and I found some of her passages to be moving and full of all the emotion I know she faced on a personal level. It was like reading the words written on her heart. It all felt very personal yet public at the same time.

While I can’t explain why I have no interest in poetry, I can explain why I made such an exception for Diamante’s work. This book is a perfect reflection of her as a Christian and a writer full of thoughts—wonderful thoughts—that she wanted to share with the world. It is a mixture of both truth and imagination and I was surprised to see that I could understand and relate to many of the passages.

My favorite poem was one in the beginning called Spirit’s Journey. I can’t tell you any quotes from the poem because it is only one little phrase—but it reads more like a beautiful, epic quote than a short poem and it struck me as meaningful and felt like something I’d had in the back of my mind suddenly rediscovered through this piece.

I do apologize for my rather short review but in terms of words, there simply aren’t many I can share that will explain what I felt while reading this collection. It is heartfelt and meaningful and will speak volumes to you if you open yourself to her work.

If you enjoy poetry and spirituality, then you will like this collection of poetry. I recommend it to Christians and non-believers alike as it is wonderful work that will most definitely move you.