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Realm Source


I felt very conflicted about writing a review for this book because I was there when it was in its editing stages, so I felt anything I had to say would be a bit bias. Then I thought: oh well, I’m entitled to my opinion and I want to share it!

Because I was there in the development stages of Realm Source, its easy for me to look at it now and think of what it was before. I can say this story has come a long way and if you have a heart for intense science-fiction then I think you might find this worth a read.

There is a lot in the pages of this book. It is complex and layered with dozens of characters and multiple storylines. I personally enjoy multiple POV in fantasy, so I didn’t mind it here especially when you realize the size and scope of the plot.

Just what is Realm Source about?

Well… there are aliens, other worlds, princesses running away, military officials on the search for their lost family members, gifted soldiers fighting to make a difference, and everything else in between. You can count the storylines on your fingers, but I promise you will enjoy each one. I am not a huge fan of large casts, but I found myself enjoying the many different characters I ran into throughout the story.

Aside from the characterization, you might enjoy exploring other planets, realms, and galaxies as Mr. Moneymaker takes us into the depths of his imagination. You’ll experience heart-racing fight scenes, daring chases, gutsy escapes, and your fill of spaceships as you’re transported to any one of the locations in this book. If you have an interest in science fiction, adventure, and complex stories I strongly recommend getting a copy of this book. Anyone looking for their next favorite epic series might find it here.