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Runaway Deception: Royal Deception, Book II

Denae Christine

Denae Christine

I had the pleasure of reading the first book in this series so I knew what to expect when I received a copy of this second book in the series. I must say, this is definitely an original novel. I have heard of shifters in other books and shows before but I think the way it is incorporated here is very interesting and unique.

The biggest difference from this book and the last, in my opinion, is the narration from both characters’ perspective. One of the main characters is a young male while the other is a little girl. I personally liked Lana’s parts better but I think it’s because I didn’t expect much out of her. She is just a little girl but she plays such a vital role in the series and she plays it well. I must applaud Christine on her character development because Lana could have easily become the most annoying character I’ve ever come across but she was interesting, mature, and very levelheaded for her age and the events that she lived through.

There are some heavy themes in this fantasy book. Most of which center around justice and politics. There’s persecution, discrimination, and unjust treatment of others, all of which are issues that we face in our society today. It was very nice to see those issues somewhat addressed in a very fantastic way. I don’t think Christine planned for the readers to make a real life comparison between the events of her story and what happens in the US today but I definitely leaned on the realistic aspects.

The names of the characters and kingdoms, the political setup, and the overall background of the story are all very cool. That may not be a word that a reviewer should use to sum up three major parts of an entire novel but that’s what comes to mind when I put it together in my head. Everything feels very unique and is definitely an improvement from the first story. I will say there is a lot that goes on in the story; there are many characters, locations, and creatures that aren’t even human, but once you get the gist and make sure to keep up with the series, you’ll find a wonderful story hidden in the pages of this book.

I would recommend this book to young adult readers with an interest in magic, fantasy, and maybe even anime. If you like strong character bonds and a unique cast, then you will definitely enjoy this book.

*I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review*