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Sons of God: Hosts and Hellions Book II

By Mia Michele

By Mia Michele

*I received a free copy of this book in exchange for a completely honest review*


This is the second book in a dark fantasy/supernatural series. I had the luxury of reading the first book in this series free of charge and enjoyed it very much so I was definitely looking forward to reading the second book and I am happy to say I enjoyed this book just as much as the last.

Michele picks things right up in this book and opens with a strong and thrilling scene that immediately draws you in. I really enjoyed the style in this story and I think it was best described by Michele herself on the first page. She says that Ela’s breath comes out in “staccato bursts” which best matches the pacing and writing in the book. The descriptive aspects are short and to the point, giving us just enough to imagine what’s going on. The interactions between the characters are quick but detailed, and the action happens swiftly and is written with powerful punches.

The biggest difference between this book and the last was the characterization. In the first book, everything was introduced to us. Michele focused on telling us the story, building her world and background, describing characters, feeding us interactions, and making sure we followed their personalities. But with all that out of the way, she was able to show us the people she saw and give us the story she lived in every time she opened Microsoft Word. I feel like this book is the meat of the story and has the heaviest load in terms of development. I definitely felt the same emotions as the characters: their pain, their joy, their confusion, and especially their hurt. As entertaining as this book was, I will say the emotional aspect really tugs at your heart.

I always enjoy second books better than the first book in the series so I’m looking forward to the third book and definitely expect more from this author. Of course, I recommend this book to fantasy readers and anyone interested in angels and demons but if you like strong female leads then you might want to pick this up.