The Rebel Christian

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I knew this was a contemporary Christian novel when I picked it up, so I was definitely interested in it due to the fact that I’m a devout Christian. What I didn’t know, however, was that it was actually a modern retelling of a well-known parable from the New Testament of the Holy Bible. That was a very positive and very wonderful surprise, not just because I’m a Christian but because it felt like a very refreshing take on a story I know by heart. Its comparable to reading a modern take on Cinderella or Robin Hood or any other common tale you heard growing up. On top of all that … it was done very well. 

The story revolves around Parker Wilson who loves his job and loves his family. He is one of those characters who has a very cut and clean life; there’s nothing for him to focus on outside of his ill nephew and his job and he’s happy with that—until he meets a little boy who introduces him to an entire community that needs people like him to make a difference. 

There is a lot of stress on decision making, selflessness, and grief in this book. Every character is unique and has their own story that adds weight to the message. I will admit, I wish there was a bit more to the story than what I read. It was good but sometimes it felt like there was a dead sadness hanging over the entire novel and it really didn’t budge for a good long time. The book was a modern retelling of a Biblical story, but it was also just another book about a guy from the suburbs helping out some poor people. It felt a little cookie-cutter at times, but it was a good story and it was written fairly well. 

All in all … I would consider this a solid book and I would recommend it to any reader who enjoys contemporary fiction. Although the story is based on a Biblical passage, you don’t have to be Christian—or religious at all—to appreciate the value Huckabee has to offer. It is a sweet and pleasant read with a message that everyone needs to learn. I hope you grab a copy soon.