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The Bishop of 12th Avenue


I have always had a good interest in post-apocalyptic work. Something about starting over from ground zero or seeing how the world resets itself—humanity versus the environment—always gets me going. I was definitely intrigued by Lucit’s novel when he approached me for a review of his Christian post-apocalyptic book. In my head I was thinking, this is going to be awesome. There will be people with super powers or some sort of crazy battle involving good versus evil with all of humanity at risk! I had my hopes set high and I’m so happy to say that Lucit did not disappoint in any way.

The Bishop of 12th Avenue is a post-apocalyptic story centered on a young man named Jake who is kind of thrown into a battle he really wanted no part of. Jake lives in a dark world where violence is the leader so anyone who enjoys their small shred of peace makes sure to keep their head down. Unfortunately, Jake isn’t able to stay away from trouble for long when he finds himself coming to the aid of a stranger who bestows a responsibility on him that he isn’t sure he can handle.

Jake takes a dangerous journey of self-discovery and spiritual awakening. He has to question himself and everything around him while trying to decide if he is up to the challenge of helping defend what’s left of the Believers of his world. What I really enjoyed about the story was that there was a lot at stake and I was never really sure where Jake was going. It seemed like he was a good kid…seemed like he would make the right decisions…seemed like he would be on the side of good not evil…but in some ways Jake surprised me and that was a good thing. The story was not predictable or clean cut. We were given characters who felt like real people in real danger making real mistakes and taking real chances. I loved the detail and emotion that was added to the story and I appreciated the great writing.

I can proudly say that I truly enjoyed this book and I look forward to reading more by Lucit. I really hope the Christian literary market gets more books like this soon.