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The Lost Town of Man's Crossing


I have read work by Hart before, so I knew I was getting a good read when she approached me for a review on The Rebel Christian—I didn’t know, however, that I’d be diving into a new world and even a new concept of life and death.

The Lost Town of Man’s Crossing is literally a story about crossing—crossing over from life to death. Our protagonists are Suzy and Bill—two pretty ordinary characters who get tangled up in an extraordinary journey. The relationship between Suzy and Bill is sweet; you can clearly see their development throughout the story but what I liked most about them was that they seemed to complete each other. Suzy draws strength from Bill and vice versa, it might be a little cheesy to say, but it felt like a very well-balanced romance because it’s a great model for how relationships should be!

There is a strong tie between the human realm and the afterlife—Man’s Crossing is actually a metaphor for this concept as Suzy is charged with protecting the supernatural beings who escort you from life to death. What happens when this balance is broken? What are we risking when we step into Man’s Crossing?

This isn’t a work of fantasy that’ll place you in a realm with dragons, or even battling witches and wizards. But it is a book that will capture your imagination and introduce you to a new kind of fantasy. Dance between magic and reality as you skirt the lines of life and death. Fall in love with Suzy and Bill as you join them on this adventurous and even dangerous journey. If you don’t like magic or books that place a heavy challenge or threat to the protagonist, then I don’t think this is for you. But if you enjoy fiction that stretches your thinking and introduces you to new characters and concepts you might not have thought of before, then I’d strongly suggest grabbing a copy of this book today.

Young readers and fans of fantasy, magic, and adventure will enjoy this piece very much. If you’ve read anything else by Hart, I’m sure you know her writing is talented and well-crafted—show your support and pick up her latest adventure today.

*I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review*