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The Nephilim and the False Prophet: Book II in the Armageddon Series

By David Dubrow

By David Dubrow

This is the second book in the Armageddon series that I have had the wonderful opportunity to read. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed Dubrow’s writing so far and I don’t think things will change with the next book. What I do think will change, however, is probably the world itself.

The Armageddon series is one like no other. You might assume otherwise because its titled the ARMAGEDDON series, so yeah, there’s the end of the world aspect but I guarantee its nothing like you imagined. The best part of Dubrow’s series that you really don’t know what to expect. I’m not all so sure about who is going to win in this good versus evil battle and that’s great!

The mayhem is real in this book, definitely a notch up from the first book. If you thought the violence and the intensity had died down, I’m sorry but you’re dead wrong. I praise Dubrow on his imagination and the command of the English language with his description and detail. I don’t normally enjoy reading about guts, explosions, and bloody death but I strangely find it something to look forward to when I crack open a book from the Armageddon series. You know you’re in for a ride when it comes to anything with Armageddon in it but its going to be a ride like never before in this series.

Naturally, a book that’s about the end of the world is going to have some Biblical references to it. As a Christian, I found this to be one of the most appealing aspects of the series. You can consider this an ‘End-times’ sort of book as it does incorporate the Biblical theme of the end of the world. There is the fall of the angels along with mankind, and even mention of the Book of Enoch. The theory is that there were many more books to the Holy Bible than we know of, one of those books detailed the end of the world in an all-out battle of good versus evil on a Godly scale. We’re talking battles of the angels.

Unfortunately, this horrible period of war is here and now. It doesn’t help that the world is pretty much in shambles anyway and not many even believe in the prophecies of the Bible. So wouldn’t you know all the signs are ignored until it’s too late?

Dubrow gives us an explosive continuation in this three-part series. It is everything you expect from the second book and more. If you like apocalyptic reads with a Biblical twist, then this is definitely for you. Those who are more open to spiritual or Christian themes will appreciate this the most, though I would recommend it to adult readers of all backgrounds.

*I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review*