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The Tarot Cards: Wand of Creation


This is the third book in the Tarot Card series; its been a really long time since I read the second book, but I was still able to understand the gist of this installment. I will say upfront; this is a darker sort of fantasy that The Rebel Christian does not review very often so my fellow Christian readers may want to skip this one. There is no sex, drugs, or alcohol—what I mean by “dark” is that it involves a source of magic we Believers tend to steer clear of. Tarot cards, witchcraft and other sorts of dark magic are typically not my cup of tea but to each their own.

That being said, let’s get to the review.

The third installment of this magical series seems to take a lighter turn in comparison to the perilous adventures our protagonists faced in the first two books. Clara and Alex are back in school and for a moment, they enjoy a sense of normalcy they hadn’t realized they’d missed. But it doesn’t take long for this peace to be disturbed as a dark sense of dread begins to overtake our heroes. Of course, it doesn’t help that this eerie premonition is accompanied by a hooded stranger who seems to be lurking around every corner. Who is this person and what are they after? Unfortunately, Clara learns what they want and its going to cost her everything she has to stop them.

The stakes are much higher in this book, but stronger enemies and more spectacular powers aren’t the things I usually feel drawn to when reading fantasy. I love a well-fleshed story, excellent writing, and layers of complex character development. This is just YA fiction, so there’s obviously a touch of each of those things but not to a heightened degree. Regardless, I found myself really enjoying this book! The plot was interesting, and I liked the characters; I enjoyed peeling back the layers of mystery behind this new enemy and I liked the challenges Clara faced not just as our hero but also as a high school girl.

What I liked most about this installment of the series was the brief glance of normalcy we were given—if only for a few moments, I enjoyed it thoroughly. The best part of YA fantasy is the adolescent drama, so I appreciated the healthy dose of high school nerves, attitude, and angst.

I would recommend this to young readers who enjoy fantasy and dark fantasy. If you like magic, mystery and a bit of action then this is certainly the series for you.

*I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review*