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The Voyager's Pursuit

By T.K. Baltimore

Anyone who’s looked at my blog’s Submissions Page knows that I love supernatural romance and books with a minority lead. What are the chances that I would get both of my two loves wrapped up in one novel?

Alas, I bring you The Voyager’s Pursuit. This review is being released on my blog for now but you can find it on Amazon, Amazon UK, and Goodreads after the book is officially released on November 11, 2015.

A very lovely book indeed.

Rachel is searching for love, as many young adults tend to do. But she gets in over her head when she takes off on a flight halfway around the world and finds a heck of a lot more than love.

I did like the mash up of supernatural, romance, and plain old drama. The story was short, sweet, and to the point. But the style of writing was a little off for me. A lot of the book centered on Rachel, for obvious reasons, but almost every sentence started with the word ‘she’ or with ‘Rachel’. So the book felt like I was just reading off a really long to-do-list for Rachel’s agenda.

Rachel missed her boyfriend. Rachel called her boyfriend. She felt nervous when she heard his voice. She hesitated to say hello. She felt relieved when they finally spoke…

That’s not an exact quote at all but much of the book flowed just like that which was really irritating. I wanted to fall in love with this romance but that one little bug bothered me too much.

I also didn’t like Michael’s character. There was so much build up with Rachel about their relationship. How much she missed him and needed him in her life, how much she wanted to be closer to him. But then we meet Michael and he’s just kind of like…hey….what’s up, Rach?

He didn’t have much personality at all which made his sections of the story feel like blank words on a page rather than a living, breathing character.

Things really pick up after Rachel encounters the character Ayen, a girl who looks almost identical to her. Their interactions are very believable and somewhat enjoyable. I expected a bit more shock in meeting someone who looks just like you but their growth and development together still works well within the story. It felt a little like reading The Vampire Diaries, having a doppelganger who looks exactly like you and then having the theme of reincarnation tied in. Baltimore does a great job at laying down the facts for us and keeping readers engaged as the characters progress through the story.

The plotline was enough to keep me turning pages, even though there were distinct points I did not enjoy about the story I happily read through it and felt somewhat disappointed when I reached the end.

I would recommend this book to any fans of supernatural romance. Those who enjoy spiritual adventures will definitely get a kick out of it but it gets a bonus star from me for incorporating other cultures and embracing diversity. I look forward to future works by TK Baltimore.

 *I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review*