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They Mostly Come Out At Night


I would first like to compliment the awesome looking cover for this book. It is mystical and creepy, definitely fitting for such a story.

So just what is this story about? With as much fantasy, supernatural, dark fiction, and even a little adventure, I would honestly say this is a coming of age book. It’s a story about a boy who must become a man. About a man who desires to win the love of his life and about a man who must realize his destiny. There are actually multiple stories in this book and they tie together very well.

They Mostly Come Out at Night is every dark fantasy reader’s dream. Its creepy and gives you the chills but in such a way that makes you want to keep reading more and more. I think Patrick is a splendid author and his way with words is very unique. Every word is deliberate and has meaning to it. I knew when I should feel creeped out—which I did—I knew when I should feel empathetic and even overwhelmed, as some of the characters were. There were parts that were heart-pounding, some were exciting, some were even tender and sweet. But overall, this was a well written book worth anyone’s attention.

This is somewhat of an underdog story. There are monsters that lurk beyond Lonan’s village and he is accused of letting them inside. Not only does he have to clear his name, but Lonan is faced with a new threat. He must find a way to protect the ones he loves most and win back the trust of his village. This is a story that tests friendships and family bonds, it shows you what you’re worth when tough times come. Who can you trust when people begin disappearing in the night?

I loved the style of writing in this book. It read like an old fable or folktale, as if Patrick had been born in the wrong era. I couldn’t help but love Lonan and not because he was the protagonist, just because he was loveable. He was a character who easily got stuck in his own head. He could get lost in his thoughts even with all the darkness that surrounded him. I loved how relatable he was even though he lived in a village in the woods while I live in a city in upstate New York.

The setting for the story was really cool too, it made the background detail quite intriguing. I loved imagining going out to pick herbs or interacting with a ‘village healer’ that whole concept was very fresh and felt like taking a step away from the modern world.

I normally enjoy the books I review, because I only choose to review books I think will be interesting. But aside from my job to gush about what I liked and trash what I didn’t, as an honest reader, I truly enjoyed this book. I would most definitely recommend it to readers of all ages, especially those with an interest in darker fiction.

*I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review*