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Under the Trees

By Ashley Maker

By Ashley Maker

*I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review*


Wow! What a breathtaking romance. Aside from the fact that I had to provide a review, I read this story because I wanted to. It was good! Surprisingly good. Amazingly good. Better than good, because it was a surprise. I had no real expectations when I cracked open Under the Trees. I knew it was a romance and I knew it had a female lead but by the time it came up on my to-do list, I’d forgotten the blurb and everything. So maybe Maker got lucky because this was an absolute pleasant surprise.

The best part of this book was most definitely the writing. Two things make a good book; good writing and a good story. Maker had both. Her style is almost poetic, like she’s painting an image in your head, leaving the right parts blank so you can fill them in. I fell in love with the narration before page two. This style of writing shines best in romance so Maker’s right where she’s supposed to be. I think the characterization, the honesty, and the raw emotion was right on point.

I could connect to each character and definitely found them to be realistic. I loved, loved, LOVED, the romance. It was a tragic love story told like a classic, and having it set in this fantastic kingdom atmosphere was like the icing on the cake.

There was a time where I kind of felt a little afraid to keep reading once the story really got going. I thought it would turn into a damsel in distress type of book but our lovely protagonist held her own and withstood the dangers and adventures that follows a runaway bride. There weren’t any gory fight scenes but I am not lying when I say this was a strong female lead. Most definitely strong, maybe not physically but definitely emotionally and psychologically.

If you enjoy romance and/or fantasy, then you will love this book. Anyone looking for a suspenseful love story should give this a chance. It is more than just a romance, it’s a story about sacrifice and perseverance. If you like stories with strong character bonds or connections, then you’ve just found your new favorite. The most intriguing part of the story I can offer in this review is, once again, the style of writing. Maker is a master of words, that alone is worth more than a couple reads.