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What We Had

A heartwarming and family-friendly book that kept me reading from beginning to end. This is a tale that feels familiar yet new and exciting at the same time and that is due wholly to the author’s wonderful hand and style. Wilson weaves a most interesting tale of a gusty and comedic young girl who is lost in love and caught up in her entertaining thrills and pitfalls of life.

Birdie is the protagonist every novelist aims to create: she is funny, charismatic, and real. I love Birdie because her personality is so very realistic and open it feels welcoming and pulls you into the story right away. She is a funny young girl who lives in the sweltering heat of the beautiful country with her Momma, Pa, and silly siblings. She has an honest way of putting things just the way they are and describing those around her in the way she sees them. Ned is gorgeous. Her sister is a whiny baby. Her Momma is strong. In some ways, you might say that Birdie lives a ‘normal’ life but through her eyes, it is anything but.

What I liked most about the story was the tone. Birdie is the best narrator you could ask for. Wilson does a great job at capturing her young love as we go on this ride with her and she leads us into more serious events with ease as Birdie matures and grows physically and emotionally. I liked the laid back southern attitude carried throughout the book—as someone born in Georgia, it was nice to go back to ham biscuits and long walks to church, fans swinging during service, and picnics afterwards. I had a lovely time with this book and I look forward to reading more from this author.

My only complaint was the pacing. I loved the budding romance between Birdie and Ned and had expected to experience all the joys and butterfly thrills of their sweet love but I did not. The best part of romance is how it all comes to be and it seemed that on page one Ned didn’t know Birdie existed but by the end of page three he was having lunch with her and giving her googly eyes. This is just a subjective complaint, as I enjoy beginnings more than endings but that is not to say the story itself was not an overall enjoyment for me.

I would recommend this book to readers of all ages especially those who enjoy witty romance and strong female leads.

*I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review*