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Where Daffodils Bloom


The Rebel Christian does not review works of non-fiction, but this is a different case. Where Daffodils Bloom is a fictional retelling of a true story that occurs during WWII. When I first got a copy of this book, I immediately fell in love with the cover—its absolutely beautiful and has such an eerily accurate display of both the beauty and the tragedy in this book. Besides the cover, I have to acknowledge the well-crafted writing and Delray’s ability to fully immerse the audience in not just another era but another person’s life entirely.

Realizing that this story was true added so much more emotion to it. Suddenly, every gasping moment brought on chills, every heart-racing scene made sweat bubble the back of my neck—there is such a difference in reading something you know came from the author’s mind versus something you know actually happened.

In doing a little research on this book, I was very pleased to find out this story was strikingly similar to the actual lives and events of the characters during that time period. It’s one thing to present an entertaining version of a true story, but to truly captivate the reality of someone’s life while presenting a pleasing tale to readers is impressive. Delray was able to draw in readers by keeping a strong connection to the true story and characters—this was probably the best aspect of the book but what I enjoyed most was the detail and description.

I was not alive during WWII; I don’t find it difficult to imagine what life would have been like at that time, but Delray makes it that much easier. You feel transported back in time to a period that is undoubtedly full of death and despair, but the fires of hell do not overtake the beauty behind this piece. Take your time with this book, get to know the characters as real people who had hopes, dreams, and love; enjoy your time finding the light in this dark era—finding where the daffodils bloom. See what I did there?

Overall, if you enjoy historical fiction or biographies you will certainly love this piece. Fans of drama and romance will want to grab a copy, but this will be most appreciated by Christian readers.

*I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review*