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White Serpent, Black Dragon: Eve of Redemption Book II

By Joe Jackson

I was blessed enough to receive a copy of the first book for review and I really enjoyed it so when the author approached me for a review on the second book, I saw that as an offer I couldn’t refuse. Granted, it took me a while to clear my reviewing schedule but I was so excited when I finally had the opportunity to sit down with a copy of the promising continuation of an already thrilling series.

So much of this book is like the first, the action, the mystery, the beautiful world, but most of all, the feeling of that high-fantasy, epic adventure. I think I mentioned in my first review that this book felt like something from a world class video game, that definitely hasn’t changed. Kari is still the wickedly gifted demonhunter from the first book and this time the characterization goes even further.

I liked the setup of this book. We are given a brief introduction with a few key events detailed, including what our protagonist has been up to. I really appreciated this because, as a frequent book reviewer, I read SO many novels between the first and second book in this series so I definitely needed a refreshing.

Basically, in this book, there are mysterious murders taking place that Kari sets out to solve. Sounds simple enough but this demonhunter is faced with many great troubles. What I liked most about her development in this story was the dreams that she had. This really introduced a deeper layer of character to Kari while demonstrating the true talent behind author, Jackson.

 I definitely enjoyed seeing Kari taken to a new level in this series but I also can’t ignore the wonderful new additions to the cast. Jackson truly surprised me with every twist in this story but I will always appreciate his attention to detail when describing physical appearances to be masterful. I know exactly how everyone and everything looks. That is my favorite thing about both of these books, they are spectacularly written and detailed. Jackson’s talent and creativity truly does not disappoint in this adventurous series.

I would most definitely recommend this series to anyone who loves action, adventure, and high fantasy. This has a very strong female lead and will ignite your imagination with its wonderful characters, beautiful setting, and wildly creative plotline. If you like battles and characters who are challenged—maybe even beyond their limits—then this is the book for you.

*I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review*