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Wind Down

Written by Mark Ewig

Wind Down is full of paranormal thrill with a hint of mystery. It has a cool name, if I say so myself, and an even cooler cover. I was drawn in by the artwork alone but the description took me in too. It’s a great read for anyone who likes to ‘figure things out’ or sit back in suspense. The story revolves around the protagonist, Aaron, whose life becomes full of twists and turns at the blink of an eye.

Aaron is stabbed in the back, literally, and this event changes much of his life forever. We are taken into this vibrant story as we ride along with Aaron trying to figure out the clues and the messages hidden in the odd events that unfold before him. He blacks out multiple times and often wakes up in different locations after days at a time. He’s left with the nagging question, what happened? And why?

Those same questions thundered through my head as I read this book. I’m not a huge fan of mystery but this was an exception I was willing to make. How many authors can successfully combine the paranormal with mystery and suspense? This is the perfect setup for a movie, a class-A thriller.

Much of the book is shrouded in mystery and much of it is edge-of-your-seat suspenseful but there are gentle parts as well. Aaron and his wife, Jessica, both go through the nightmare that haunts him after his assault. Aaron’s exchanges with his wife are some of the critical points of the story, this is where much of the characterization comes in. We see another side of him that isn’t quiet visible when he’s waking up in the streets XD. I think that was spectacular writing on Ewig’s part. To be able to convey a different angle to the protagonist in a very believable way.

One of my favorite things about Wind Down was that it was a paranormal read but it wasn’t weird. I’m not very fond of paranormal but this story cleverly integrated mystical elements into the core of the story. That made it easier for readers like me to adjust to such a twisting and turning plot. Most authors of this genre just thrust the readers into the book, without many details or many descriptions, but I enjoyed and appreciated Ewig’s relaxed writing and detailed form.

This book is a great read for those who love paranormal and mystery but it can also be enjoyed by those who are just getting into this genre or simply want to step out of their comfort zone. You will enjoy each character and their personal story and you will enjoy being submerged in the plotline and the in-depth details. Ewig is a great writer who truly lays out the plot in a way that makes his writing fit for all ages and all interests. It’s something everyone should have a copy of.