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Editing Submission

Before we begin, please note, this section is NOT for book reviews. Please visit my Book Review Submissions page for information on how to request a free book review.


I am proud to announce I am officially a certified editor, as of April 18, 2017, by Poynter.News University. You can take a look at my certificate by clicking here! I now have over three years of experience as a book reviewer under my belt which includes hundreds of reviews, dozens of interviews, highlights, spotlights, and blog tours for The Rebel Christian. I am also listed as a reviewer with multiple catalogs, including The Indie View and Book Reviewer Yellow Pages. I am also excited to share my success with you in making it into the Top 100 Christian Book Review Blogs! I give all credit to Christ alone. You can take a closer look at the list by clicking the link above—make sure you scroll down to find The Rebel Christian sitting at number 30. Additionally, I have also had the opportunity to author op-ed articles for The Christian Post and I have spent the past year doing beta-reading/proof-reading and editing for multiple authors in nearly every genre on the market.

When I first self-published, many reviewers said the same thing about my book; that it was good but needed more editing. I was very new to the publishing process and didn't exactly know what to do after reading such reviews. After I finally stopped my head from spinning I decided to start this website and help other new and growing authors. So here I am!

  • You can expect me to be here for you because I was once in your shoes and, in some ways, I still am!

  • You can expect me to listen to you and hear what YOU want me to check for in your story.

    • You know your strengths and weaknesses better than I do. If you want me to focus more on characterization than structure then I will become best friends with your cast.

  • You can expect me to respond to you quickly and in a professional manner.

    • Self-published and Indie authors work just as hard as any other writer, your work is well worth my time.

  • Whether you are a new or experienced author, you can expect me to be patient and understanding with you.

    • I was once in your shoes, my current work needs a proof-reader! I know how frustrating yet exciting this process can be.

  • You can expect lower prices!

    • Self-published and Indie authors put in all the work themselves, I know because I was once there. The Rebel Christian was started for the purpose of helping out authors who experienced the same frustrations I experienced—that includes the costliness of professional editing. You can expect to pay thousands of dollars when getting service from an editor, but The Rebel Christian offers very kind charges designed with every author’s budget in mind. From the college student typing away in their dorm to the established author releasing their next YA fantasy, The Rebel Christian has services fit for every wallet.


Before we begin, please take note:


All prices listed below are the starting prices. Word count will also be taken into consideration before the total is determined. There is an upfront charge of 50% of your total price due before any editing will be done.

BETA-READING: Starting at $100.00

A Beta-reader is a critique partner who looks over your story before it moves into the editing process. I will read your manuscript and provide a brief critique based on the general concept of the story. Grammar, spelling, punctuation, structure, organization, and characterization will not be considered in this process.

PROOF-READING: Starting at $350.00

Proofreading is the final polish of a manuscript which has already been edited. I will do a basic check for grammar, spelling, and punctuation. Errors which require heavier editing (such as plot holes, consistency, and characterization) will be highlighted but not corrected. A brief critique of the overall story will be provided. All editing will be done using the ‘change tracker’ feature on Microsoft Word.

COPY EDITING: Starting at $500.00

I will do a line by line check for mistakes and correct errors involving grammar, punctuation, proper word usage, and repetition. Problems in story’s overall structure, organization, and characterization will be addressed and noted. Plot holes and consistency will be taken into consideration during this process but no major changes will be made to the manuscript. A critique of the story will be provided, as well as recommendation for correction. All editing will be done using the ‘change tracker’ feature on Microsoft Word.

DEVELOPMENTAL EDITING: Starting at $750.00

I will evaluate the document as a whole and correct problems in structure, organization, coherence, and consistency. Sentences may be removed, paragraphs rewritten, and wording changed where appropriate. Spelling, grammar, and punctuation errors will be corrected; I will also check for faulty word usage, point out discrepancies and plot holes, and watch for consistency in characterization as well as voice and narration. Timeline of events will be checked for sensibility. Additionally, I will provide a full critique of the story and include recommendation for moving forward in the editing and writing process. All editing will be done using the 'change tracker' feature on Microsoft Word.


All prices listed above are the starting prices. An additional charge of 0.3% of the project’s word count will be applied to reach the total price. Let’s take a manuscript of 50,000 words requesting copy-editing into consideration.

The starting price is set at $500.00 and 0.3% of the word count will be added to it.

0.3% of 50,000 is 150

So the total price of a 50,000 word manuscript seeking copy-editing will be 500.00 plus 150.00 which equals a total charge of: $650.00

I will send a personal quote to authors based on the service they request and the word count of their project but you can use the information below as a general reference.

Please keep in mind, prices vary per project.

0.3% of 50,000 = 150.00

0.3% of 75,000 = 225.00

0.3% of 100,000 = 300.00

Reread of any manuscript will be a $150.00 charge

  • A reread is only done upon request by author once I have already finished the original read-through and have sent my critique.

*All prices are US Dollars and are subject to change per project. Please do not be afraid to inquire about charges!


After sending me an email following the instructions below, I will respond to you with a price quote and a request for a copy of your work. I only accept Microsoft Word, as documents will be edited using the 'change tracker' feature.

  • 50% of your total price is required up-front. I will send a PayPal invoice to you for the charge; no editing will be done until the up-front payment is received.

  • Once you have submitted your down-payment, I ask that you allow me 14 DAYS to complete the edit and critique. When I am done, I will email your manuscript, critique, and recommended revisions back to you along with a PayPal invoice for the remainder of your charge (50%).

  • You will have 3 days to pay the remaining 50% from the date the invoice is sent.  


Payments are made via PayPal ONLY. Please contact me with an email that is associated with a PayPal account or provide me with one I can send the invoice to. NO work will be done on your manuscript until I receive your upfront payment of 50% of your total charge.

If authors would like their manuscripts back in less than 14 days, a negotiation can be made for an additional fee.


  • Send an email to with 'Proof-Read' 'Beta-Read' ‘Copy-Edit’ or 'Develop-Edit' in the subject line.

  • Please include your full namenot your pen name—I ask for your full name to apply to the invoice.

  • Please include the Genre and Total Word Count (please do not estimate or round off your word count. I need an exact word count to determine your total charge), also include a Short Blurb in the body of your email.

  • Please include the service you are looking for (beta-reading, proof-reading, or copy-editing, or developmental editing). If there is something in particular you would like me to keep a close eye on while editing, please include a detail of that in your email.

  • Please allow 1-2 days for a reply to your email. I do not check my email on Sundays, please take this into consideration when submitting a request.


While The Rebel Christian is a Christian platform, your work DOES NOT have to be explicitly Christian or religious at all for me to consider. It does, however, have to be a genre I enjoy.


Christian Fiction...Biblical Fiction...YA Fiction...Romance…Horror...Supernatural...Fantasy/Magic...Drama/Contemporary Fiction


Westerns...Time Travel...LGBTQ...Erotica...Chosen One...Steampunk…Non-Fiction

*I do not read erotica, however, romance which includes a mature relationship is acceptable*

*I am willing to bend the rules for books that fall in the grey area*


These are reviews of my services from authors I have worked with in the past. They are taken from the website, Thumbtack. You can find my profile and also leave a review of my services by clicking here.

Highly Recommended!

"A year or two ago, Valicity Garris wrote a review for my book, Mountain Song. My experience in dealing with her has been completely positive. She completed the reading and the review as promised, in a timely manner, and posted it as I requested.
She is a talented writer in her own right, as evidenced by the imaginative world and characters she created in Cross Academy, an exciting fantasy which incorporates good vs. evil and moral values into the story.
In this new venture into proof-reading, she continues her generous and enthusiastic support of other authors. To those considering the use of her services, I think you will find her reliable, honest, and supportive. I highly recommend her."  —Jacalyn W.  (Gave 5 stars on Thumbtack)


"Excellent services, extremely punctual!" —Angie G. (Gave 5 stars on Thumbtack)


A Worthwhile Experience

"I have worked with The Rebel Christian many times in the last 2 years: having my work proofread, edited, and even having Vee ghost write for me. What I love most is how versatile, dedicated, and kind she is. I don't write explicitly Christian work so her diversity and willingness to work with me was much appreciated. Each time we worked together I felt like I was her only client. I definitely recommend her services to others." —Cyndi E. (Gave 5 stars on Thumbtack)


Excellence in Editing

"I love the Rebel Christian, such thoughtful, accurate edits, such powerful revisions! Really thorough and very enlightening comments! The Rebel Christian polished my work and made me a better writer! Much love!" —Elle G. (Gave 5 stars on Thumbtack)

Well... That was a mouthful but I do hope I was clear on instructions and inviting enough for you to send me an email. Do not hesitate to email with general questions.

Just a last reminder—This section is for PAID AUTHOR SERVICES only, not to be confused with my book reviewing services. Please visit my Book Review Submission page to inquire about book reviews.

God bless