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Thank you so much for visiting The Rebel Christian in search of a book review! Some of you may have noticed a few changes to the website. There is a new section for Beta-reading, Proof-reading, and Editing. This exciting new addition comes with a small fee and is not to be confused with this section which is for free book reviews. So make sure you're in the right section before reading on!

For those interested, my blog is listed on The Indie View which you can find here. I have also been added to the 2018 Book Reviewer Yellow Pages which you can access by clicking here.

PLEASE read this entire page. I know its lengthy but I have a lot of requests so I need a lot of organization and cooperation from everyone. If you do not follow the guidelines then I will not consider your request.

First and foremost, if you couldn't tell from the title, this is a Christian blog, HOWEVER, I read books in multiple genres. So please don't think your work has to be explicitly Christian or even religious at all for me to consider. I mainly feature Indie/Self-published authors but traditionally published authors--and the occasional fanfiction author--are also welcome. I am also open to joining Blog Tours and frequently participate in tours hosted by Sage's Blog Tours and Enchanted Book Promotions.

Just a note, which I will further explain below, I have a long list of books to review; if you send me a request now I will not be able to get to your book for at least one month. If that's fine with you then continue scrolling for the rest of my guidelines.


  • Email me at with 'Review Request' in the subject line.
    • If you are querying for a Blog Tour then please put 'Blog Tour' in the subject line instead.
  • Include the Title of your work(s)
  • Include your Pen Name
  • Include the Genre
    • Please read below to see what genres I review
  • Include the Word Count and a Short Blurb
  • Subscribe to my blog either through email or RSS.
    • I ask you to do this because it is the only way I will notify you when your review is posted. I have far too many requests/reviews to contact each individual author. If you subscribe I can alert the entire group of authors at the end of the week for all the reviews that are up. You are more than welcome to unsubscribe once your review has been posted. Link to subscribe is at the bottom of every page on the website.

*If you subscribe, please let me know in your query*

***I have noticed a lot of authors calling me Rebel or even saying they don't know my name. My name is mentioned in the About/Contact section. My real name is Valicity Elaine but please only call me Vay. I'm sorry that information was not relayed earlier. 


  • DO NOT ask me to buy your book.
    • I only review books that are provided free of charge in exchange for an honest review. That being said, I can accept PDF, mobi, ePub files, and even print copies for review.
    • If you are only offering print copies please state that in your email and I will provide you with my address if I choose to review your work. 
  • DO NOT send me a link to download your work.
    • UNLESS it is a link to Amazon, Smashwords, or another retail website. 
    • I ONLY accept PDF, mobi, or ePub. I will not read books off your blog, or download a dropbox app. If you can't send a PDF, mobi, or ePub via email then please do not ask me to review your book.
  • DO NOT send me a copy of your book until I ask for it.
    • It's easier to keep track of things if I don't have a million attachments floating around in my inbox. Please send a simple query and ONLY a query. If you send a book file with your query then I will delete the email and not consider any requests from you in the future.
  • DO NOT include your press release or other reviews in your emails.
    • Your blurb will be enough to demonstrate the value of your book.


  • Supernatural/Paranormal
    • I'm ONLY interested in Vampires, Demons, or Fallen Angels. Please no ghosts or aliens.
  • Drama/Contemporary Fiction
    • The Help, The Secret History, and The Great Gatsby are some of my favorite books. Anything along those lines will catch my eye.
  • YA Fiction
    • Particularly YA Contemporary or Romance.
  • Science Fiction
    • I am ONLY interested in Robots. Think iRobot or Robot and Frank. No aliens, meta-beings, or distant planets please.
  • Fantasy
    • I only ask that fantasy submissions are less than 150k words please.
  • Christian Fiction
  • Biblical Fiction


I am willing to bend the rules a little but I am absolutely NOT interested in the following genres...

  • Non-Fiction of ANY genre
    • That includes Christian!!! PLEASE stop sending me Bible studies and prayer guides!
  • Poetry
  • Erotica
  • Westerns
  • Science Fiction
    • Robot exception as listed above.
  • Time travel
  • Historical Fiction
    • Biblical Fiction is acceptable


Sex or other sexual situations may be implied or even mentioned but please no graphic details.

If you feel your book falls in the grey area of my guidelines just send a request anyway and I'll look over it. Some authors have pointed out particular chapters they think I should skip, others even include quotes from their book in their query to give me an idea of the content. That's perfectly OK to do.

What you can expect from me as a reviewer...

My reviews will be 100% honest and I post them to Amazon and Goodreads in addition to my blog.

If you've visited my Book Reviews page then you should be able to tell I pay close attention to the works I choose to read. If I love it then I'll let you know, if I don't then I'll let you know, but don't worry! I've been through the self-publishing game. I know how hard it is to put yourself out there like this. I believe in being honest because I don't want to fool anyone into reading something they will not enjoy but I also believe in kindness. While you may not always get the review you're hoping for, you can trust that I will never be harsh or rude to any author. Writing is my passion too, I understand every joy, every hour of hard work, and every flicker of hope that goes into this process. You can trust that I will have the utmost respect for your work even if it isn't something I end up enjoying. 

That being said, while I may not enjoy someone's work, I will always give the reason behind my dislike of the content. Always expect an explanation! That's what helps us grow, right? Basically.... Don't be afraid, I won't bite XD 

As I said before, I have many requests and a list of books to read. If you submit a request today then I won't be able to post a review for 4 weeks or later but you're still welcome to join the list. 

If I am interested in reviewing your work then I will contact you within two-four weeks of receiving your request. If you don't hear back from me within that time frame then unfortunately I have not chosen to read your work but you are welcome to contact me regarding a different book.

All authors are welcome to post excerpts from my review to their own websites, Twitter, Facebook pages, or wherever else. All I ask is that you also include a link back to my website for the full review. The more traffic I get, the more exposure you get. So we both win.

If you have not received a review from me after 4 weeks feel free to send a follow up email. I sometimes get off track with my own writing, beta-reading, or just plain old life. I've also noticed that queries/attachments from authors with their own email tend to get sent straight to the spam box. If you have a unique email like your query, or your book file, is more likely to get lost in my inbox. If you can, try to contact me from a simpler email like Yahoo, Gmail, etc.

That's all I have to say for now!

Thanks in advance for your cooperation!

God bless