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Dirty Christians

Dirty Christians sounds like the beginning of a bad book or joke. In this case, I’m making a biblical reference to the parable Jesus told in Matthew 13. In this parable Jesus describes how a sower went out and tossed a few seeds on the ground.

The first area was described as a ‘path’ and the seeds were immediately eaten up by the birds. The second was a rocky place with little soil, the seed sprang up quickly but withered when the sun came out. The third had thorns which choked the plants and the last had good soil where the seed produced multiple crops in abundance.

You can find that full parable in Matthew 13:3-9 KJV.

What does this story have to do with dirt? Everything, in both a spiritual and physical sense. Dirt is a good thing in your garden, its great in your backyard, and works well in a flowering pot. Dirt provides nutrients, it allows plants and vegetables to grow and have life which provides food for us.

Spiritually, dirt represents our hearts. For those who’ve read this parable before, that point is quite obvious. But let’s take a closer look at that. What kind of heart do you have if birds swoop in and take the Word the moment its sown? What sort of infertile soil lies within you?

The second, in my opinion, is worst. To have the seed sown over ‘rocky places’. In the time I’ve spent reading and reviewing books for The Rebel Christian, I know that characters described as ‘rocky’ or ‘stony’ are never nice people. Have you ever known someone you could describe as ‘rough around the edges’? Is that the kind of person you want to hang around 24/7? I don’t think so.

The scripture also goes on to say that the seed sprang up quickly because the soil was shallow. That could be taken literally, that you are a shallow person. Or, with a closer look, it could highlight the shallow condition of the heart. Meaning, little faith or no foundation of the Word.

The next one is described as having thorns. To me, this is absolutely wicked. The thorns don’t just cut off the seed’s growth, it actually ‘chokes’ the seed. That means it holds it, squeezes it, and suffocates the seed until it is rendered useless.

What kind of dirt do you have in your life?

Dirt can find its way into your house from many different sources. It can come in through the trash on your television, it can infiltrate your mind through your earbuds when you listen to ungodly music, or it can spoil your thoughts when you pick up the wrong book or gossip column. These are all the kinds of bad dirt that chokes the word, eats it up, or causes it to wither.

Good dirt, on the other hand, allows things to grow. It produces a crop that doesn’t just serve as food or profit for the farmer, it benefits others as well. And when the crop produces a surplus, fifty or sixty times what was sown, then it also benefits the one who provided the seed to the farmer. Other farmers will want to get their seed from that provider and other sowers will begin to take an interest in this high-class seed.

When you have a heart that’s ready for God, your faith makes a full circle. God blesses you, you bless others, and in turn, they begin to see the light in your life and seek God—which blesses all of the Body of Christ. All because you had the right soil for one tiny little seed.   

God can’t give you a blessing that you’re not ready for. If you’ve been praying for something you think is dire, a new job, a spouse, a bigger house. Then make sure you’re spiritually prepared for it. A new job means new co-workers, have you taken the time to examine yourself? Are you the friendly employee who always gets along with everyone? Or have you been praying for a new job because you can’t stand everyone in your wing? If you’ve been praying for a spouse, then get ready to start praying for patience and cooperation. A new relationship means new prayer requests. New things bring new problems. New blessings require new faith. Big blessings require bigger faith.

You know the saying, ‘God never gives us more than we can handle’? based on the scripture I Corinthians 10:13 KJV “…God is faithful, who will not suffer you to be tempted above that ye are able…”

That’s true in a positive and negative sense. You won’t be tempted above what you can handle but God also won’t drop a blessing in your lap that you can’t handle. Why not? Because God is a God of decency and order. If your heart desires to one day become an Olympic swimmer, you have to take lessons and learn how to swim first. What good would it do if God ‘blessed’ you to get invited to the Olympics when you just learned the breaststroke two weeks ago? If you want to have your own business why would God ‘bless’ you with a million bucks to start it up when you’re still struggling with a gambling addiction? You think that million-dollar-blessing will make it to the bank or the slots?

My point is, watch what you do. Pay attention to what you read, watch, and listen to. It effects your heart; it changes your soil—for good or bad. If your heart isn’t ready, then the blessing won’t come and you will have no one to blame but yourself.