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No More Stinkin Thinkin

This week my pastor gave a sermon that really touched me, as her words normally do. But this time it was different. Her sermon was titled ‘Overcoming Mind Affliction’, she preached about how our thoughts are our most powerful weapons but also something that can be crippling to our faith and salvation.

Her words inspired me to write this post.

I’ve briefly mentioned ‘stinkin thinkin’ in a few previous posts but I really want to go deeper into things today. Why? Because your mind is a powerful thing, it can either help you or take you down.

I can personally speak from experience. As a writer and a recent college graduate I often fear for my future, I feel anxious or nervous about what lies ahead but those are just thoughts. I have to remember that God is in control of this earth. If I don’t remind myself of God’s promises I’d probably end up convincing myself to shut down this entire website. That reminds me of a post I saw on Facebook one day. It was meant to be in good humor but so many people liked it and commented on it, I believe there’s some truth to it.

There was a picture of a girl deep in thought and the caption above her head read; “I can literally think myself into a bad mood.”

That’s absolutely terrible but I believe it’s absolutely true.

We’ve all been through something but to sit around and dwell on it to the point where it actually causes a shift in your mood is a sign that you’re focusing on the wrong things in your life. Unfortunately, many Christians fall into this pattern of thinking and it hinders their faith. I’ve said this before but it needs to be repeated; you can’t solve your problems until you think about the solution. So many people run around telling everyone everything that’s wrong in their life. They never focus on the good, they never even sit down to consider it. Christians aren’t exempt.

My pastor said this Sunday, many Christians are waiting around for Satan to attack them. They’re expecting him to strike their finances or their health, or cause a shift in their marriage but that’s not the case at all. Sometimes it all starts with a thought.

I totally agree with that.

Sometimes I feel absolutely encouraged and inspired about my writing and my future, then one thought works its way into my head. A simple phrase; ‘you’re not good enough’ and I’m reduced to a sweaty, worried mess. It isn’t that a reviewer has ever said my work is bad, it isn’t that my book, Cross Academy, isn’t selling well. The only thing that ever troubles me is myself—my own thoughts.

Your thoughts are incredibly powerful. That’s why we’re given the Helmet of Salvation, to keep our minds focused on Godly matters. To keep our thoughts centered on the promises made to us by Christ Himself.

Proverbs 23:7 KJV says, “For as he thinketh in his heart, so is he…”

Your thoughts aren’t just things that pop into your head. They are you, they’re a manifestation of what’s in your heart so you must learn to control them. You must be careful of what you’re thinking because it won’t be long before what you think becomes what you say and what you say becomes what you do.

Imagine if your thoughts were always positive and uplifting. Think of all the good you would accomplish if you constantly encouraged yourself instead of thinking of how you aren’t good enough, or how someone else is better at your job than you. I know its crazy hard to be your own cheerleader sometimes but think about this; what does God say about you?

Jesus never said you were stupid, or ugly, or untalented. Jesus said we’re all children of the Most High God. Kings and Queens—Coheirs with Christ. If you can’t focus your thoughts on anything good, at least remember that.  

So how do we stop our stinkin thinkin?

I like to use the scripture, Romans 12:2 KJV “And be not conformed to this world: but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, that ye may prove what is that good, and acceptable, and perfect, will of God.”

Renew your mind. That means focus on God’s Word. Dive into Bible study, apply the Word to your life and whatever situation you face. Stop making excuses and start making time for God. Remember the lesson on Fasting and Prayer; apply your faith.

If you don’t think you can succeed then you won’t.