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Why Are Christians So Closed-Minded?

  • Play video games

  • Watch horror films

  • Watch action films

  • Watch anime

  • Watch fighting/gambling/crime movies

  • Read comic books

  • Read action books

  • Read fantasy books

  • Read sci-fi books

  • Read supernatural books

  • Join the military

  • Go out to the movies

  • Stay out past 10pm

  • Eat pork

  • Eat lamb

  • Eat meat

  • Drink wine

  • Wear makeup

  • Wear earrings

  • Wear jewelry of any kind (Throw away your wedding band!)

  • Wear swimsuits

  • Wear pants (Only for females)

  • Wear shorts higher than the knee

  • Wear fingernail polish

  • Wear fake nails

  • Get cosmetic surgery

  • Date online

  • Wear high heels

  • Wear low heels

  • Wear heels

  • Go the gym (Unless you’re overweight. If you’re already fit you’re just being arrogant and showing off your muscles which is sinful. Because looking nice is a sin.)

  • Play violent sports

  • Go out with friends unchaperoned

  • Tell jokes (Because laughter is unholy!)

  • Play cards (No Uno!)

  • Listen to Rap/Hip Hop

  • Listen to hard rock/metal

  • Get tattoos

  • Get piercings

  • Drive nice cars

  • Ride motorcycles

That is a constructive list of everything I have personally been told that, as a Christian, I am not allowed to do. Why? Because Christians are close-minded, we have closed our minds to prayer.

Why am I a Christian?

I can give you a million reasons behind that; I love Jesus. I was born this way. God’s blessing has manifest in my life in more ways than I can remember. But what about the flipside? Why aren’t people Christian? That question is easier to answer than you’d think.

I will be the first to admit that I am not your average Christian—whatever that is. I love all things taboo to the Christian world. Gory horror flicks, violent video games, tight clothes and tiptoe high heels. I realize I am the unpopular Christian. The girl every overly protective mother has nightmares about. And I’m totally cool with that. What I’m not cool with are the boxed up judgmental attitudes.

You could say I’m asking for it. Wearing short shorts in the summer and short shorts in the winter, and heck, let’s just throw out my pants and forget about it. I can’t tell you how many people have said ‘Should a Christian dress that way?’ and I just think to myself, will God send me to hell because of my cropped-tee? Forget the murderers and idol worshippers let’s nail this girl because her bellybutton is out.

Of course there are a few thumpers who’ll quote that one scripture about girls dressing nicely—I Timothy 2:9. (You memorized scriptures! Yay!!!) I don’t think I need to point out that the interpretation of that scripture hinges on your definition of ‘modesty’ which defers per culture. Some cultures have women go topless while ours is fully covered. Are topless cultures sinful? Or are we just too judgmental? Food for thought.

Believers have lost focus on what truly matters. I’ve seen more articles focused on whether or not Jesus was black than on how to strengthen your faith. I’ve seen faithful church goers argue from dusk ‘til dawn over whether a woman should wear a sleeveless dress to church.

When did we lose focus on the Word of God? When did we become so petty?

Do you know what the answer is to every problem on this earth?—in and out of the church. Prayer.

Prayer solves problems.

Prayer keeps the peace.

Prayer doesn’t make Christians seem like childish fools.

II Timothy 2:23 Tells us not to take part in petty arguments yet Christians do it every day. It’s like they go on the prowl looking for it, composing lists of Christian do’s and don’ts. People have stopped living for God and started living for rules. We think if we don’t do this and don’t do that, then we’re holier than the next Bible thumper. We think because I cover myself head to toe, then I’m holier than the girl in the nice dress and high heels.


That’s not how it works. God looks at our hearts, not our makeup, or our plastic boobies, or our piercings. That’s not to say that it’s OK to wear your booty shorts to church or to go shirtless at the beach. Christians shouldn’t get tattoos, Christians shouldn’t go to bars, Christians shouldn’t work at strip joints. However, some of us do. And you know what? It isn’t right, but what impression do we make if we’re constantly putting each other down about our hiccups? With LOVE and KINDNESS have I drawn thee. Remember that? That’s from the Bible. (Jeremiah 31:3, Hosea 11:4)    

What I’m saying is, stop telling each other what we shouldn’t be doing and start focusing on what you should be doing. Stop arguing and start praying. Next time you see a Christian who doesn’t look so Christian, first ask yourself if you’re being judgmental and subjective. Then ask God if it’s your duty to speak to them. Your ‘advice’ could end up pushing that person away from Christ. Feed them the Word first and everything else will fall in place. The best thing to do is pray. I cannot emphasize that enough.

God bless.