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I Don't Hate Jesus, I Only Hate Christians

One time, during my video game days, I scrolled through a forum looking for a Christian group or clan or whatever, somewhere I could be at peace with people of my own. While scrolling I came across something rather disturbing; a vicious argument between a single Christian and about three or four obvious non-believers.

The argument had been going on post after post for at least thirty minutes which piqued my interest because the forum was titled; Christian Clan Looking for New Members. So why were there three to four obvious atheists there causing trouble for someone who was just posting a bulletin for their clan? Not trying to ‘force’ his beliefs down the tight throats of the unsaved, not trying to speak in tongues and shout glories above, just posting a simple bulletin.

One of the posts from the Christian said, ‘I’m just minding my business and here you are trolling for no reason. Why do you hate Jesus so much?’

One of the trolls responded, ‘We don’t hate Jesus, we only hate Christians.’

That got me thinking. How can someone not hate Jesus but have contempt for his children and his followers? Well the answer is easy; Christians are annoying. Granted, I’m a Christian too, but I have to be honest with myself sometimes; I can be annoying.

But that’s the point.

Many scriptures encourage us to spread the gospel to the four corners of the earth, Psalms 96:3, Matthew 24:14, Matthew 28:19-20, Mark 16:15, II Corinthians 2:14, II Thessalonians 3:1. That means take it EVERYWHERE you go. Shout it to the heavens, proclaim the name of JESUS. In everything you do, everywhere you go, to everyone you see, make sure you give Christ the glory. I’m not saying you have to ‘shove’ your beliefs down someone’s throat—I use the term ‘shove’ lightly because saying ‘have a blessed day’ is considered ‘shoving’ these days. I’m saying to never let someone’s insults keep you from praising the name of Jesus.

These are times of social persecution. We are a small bunch, us TRUE Believers, but Christ is with us. Don’t be surprised if people poke and prod at you, because they first poked and prodded at Jesus, as said in John 15:18 NIV “If the world hates you, keep in mind that it hated me first.” In fact, you should all rejoice whenever someone shows hatred toward you, it means you’re moving forward in the Will of God and its making the enemy nervous [II Corinthians 10:2]. Remember, we wrestle not against flesh and blood [Ephesians 6:12], so it’s not necessarily the people showing hate or negativity toward Christians, it’s the evil within.

God bless.