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Photo by Lisovskaya/iStock / Getty Images

Photo by Lisovskaya/iStock / Getty Images

Not long ago I was talking with my little sister about my plans for the future. I was telling her how I’d changed my mind about what I wanted to do with my writing as far as a career goes. I’ve always wanted to be an author, which doesn’t take much thanks to self-publishing, but I wanted to be an author who could live off her earnings. So far, that is almost the case but I have a ways to go.

During that conversation with my little sister, I told her that I was done with focusing on myself. I will always have dreams of becoming a great author but right now my focus is on the Body of Christ. My sister said something to me during that discussion that really sparked my inspiration in writing this article for you today.

“Its always been true that whatever you do for Christ lasts forever. But we’re living in a period where the things you do for Christ don’t just last forever, they are the only things that matter.”

As I look at the condition of this world and the shredding strands of peace that are desperately holding it together, I have realized exactly how correct my little sister is. We’re living in a period where the persecution of Christians worldwide is not only overlooked but actively ignored. We are living in a period where our Congress is more concerned with helping men use the women’s restroom than stopping the violent shootings that have become monthly occurrences. We are living in a period where it is more acceptable to wear a “Pride” pin than a crucifix.

We are living in a period where the things we do for ourselves are of absolutely no value. Only what we do for Christ matters.

This reminds me of the scripture from the New Testament; “I gave you milk, not solid food, for you were not yet ready for it. Indeed, you are still not ready.” I Corinthians 3:3 NIV

Paul is speaking to the Corinthians in this verse, telling them that they are still babes in Christ, not ready to address serious spiritual issues. While he may have been scolding them for their behavior on a separate matter, I believe this scripture is important for the point I am stressing today.

Its time for us to grow up and look beyond here and now. We can’t afford to waste our time on the petty things. We are beyond the argument of what women should wear in church. We are beyond the notion that women cannot be preachers. We are beyond the idea that a young person cannot be more spiritually mature than an older person. We are beyond the arguments over ‘should Christians support the death penalty’ or ‘should Christians watch R-rated movies’. These are arguments that will get you no closer to Christ.

I am not saying that is isn’t important to decide whether or not you will support the death penalty, but I am saying it is a waste of time and spiritual energy to entertain any arguments on such trivial topics. We need to be focused on expanding the Body of Christ. We need to be focused on what will happen to the Christians who are left when we pass on. If no one cares about Christians being persecuted today, what makes you think they will care tomorrow? It is no longer up to Congress to support our Christian values. It’s up to us. And we can’t do that if we are always bickering with each other over simple little things.

Photo by mrPliskin/iStock / Getty Images

Photo by mrPliskin/iStock / Getty Images

Women are pastors.

Women wear heels and makeup and have cosmetic surgery.

Christians play video games.

Christians support the death penalty.

Christians own guns.

Christians serve in the military.

Christians watch AND enjoy violent movies.

Get over it.

Christians do LOTS of things that Baby-Believers shun and disagree with. AND THAT’S OK. The biggest lesson to learn is; NONE of those things I’ve listed are sinful things. If you think they are, then don’t do them! Simple as that. But DON’T waste your time fighting and arguing with each other about it. There are bigger issues you can put your faith towards. Things that are far more pressing than a woman wearing 6-inch heels. Things like the fact that its illegal to sell copies of The Holy Bible in parts of China. How can we reach those Christians?

Or the fact that Congress could impose that same legislature on us. Did you know earlier this year there was heavy debate over a bill introduced that could potentially prohibit the sale of the Bible in the future?

It all came under a bill which proposed to set “strict restrictions on services to change a person’s sexual orientation.”. That means its goal was to make it illegal to offer or sell services or literature which opposed sexual orientation. Of course, this bill has not been passed as of yet but the fact that it ever came into the spotlight in the first place certainly demonstrates where our government is at as far as religious freedom goes. We are living in a period where freedom to worship is constantly being threatened and slowly being picked away.

This may sound like the desperate scribbles of someone obsessed with the “end times” and maybe it is. BUT the root of this article remains; we need to spiritually grow up. Stop asking God what He can do for you and start asking what you can do for the Kingdom.

So …. What are you eating as a Christian today? Is it milk or meat?

*You can find more information on the bill I mentioned by clicking here.