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Don't Be Shy

There are millions of brothers and sisters of faith around the globe. That sounds like a strange statement for me to write because, even though I know its most definitely true, it just doesn’t seem true.

Everywhere I go; the grocery store, the movie theater, the library—I am surrounded by people who are not saved. Where are all these Christians? Where are the Believers?

There are many who claim the cross, many who profess their faith but do not live according to the gospel given in the Word of God. Why is that? Because it’s easier to say you are Christian than to be Christian. I say that as someone who has grown up in church, so I don’t have the same temptations. My struggles are different. But judging from their testimony, I can say confidently that the change from an unsaved lifestyle to a Christian lifestyle is difficult.

You are suddenly a different person, a new creature in Christ.

“Therefore if any man be in Christ, he is a new creature: old things are passed away; behold, all things are become new.” II Corinthians 5:17 KJV

Once we become saved we become new creatures and new people different from who we were before. The point I’m leading up to is that we are not alone. I am guilty of being described as a ‘shy’ Christian. I typically play the role of ‘don’t ask, don’t tell’ not mentioning my faith around others unless it naturally comes up in conversation or I’m asked directly about it. Even then, I am usually a bit nervous to speak so openly of who I am in regards to Christ and the church and I’ve found that I’m not the only Believer who feels this way.

While there are many Christians who are bold and open about their faith, there are just as many like me. Some might ask why. Why do I clam up or don’t speak about the Gospel? It isn’t at all because I am ashamed, it’s because I am protective. I do not want to have my faith disrespected or belittled as it has become a custom to poke at religion in today’s society. I don’t want my King and my family in Christ ridiculed or criticized. Does that hinder my faith? Does that mute the testimony I have to tell? Perhaps.

Lately, however, I have been encouraged.

If there is anything that has ever taught me that silence can be deafening, it is the most recent presidential election. The famed Trump v Clinton in which the latter candidate was so heavily favored Trump’s victory quite honestly shocked the nation—and the world.

I remember reading a caption that said; ‘The Silent Majority Speaks Up’ for reasons I can’t explain, the hint of a smile cracked my face, spilling into my cheeks until they dimpled with mirth. I was happy, grinning wildly at the unexpected victory of a man who stood against abortion, transgender rights, and Muslim alliances, thinking in awe—how did this happen?  

For the first time in a very long time, I was reminded that I was not alone. Outnumbered—as Clinton did in fact win the popular vote—but not alone. I bring this up because it compares very closely to us as members of the Body of Christ. We are not alone, we are scarce, far and few, we are separated, persecuted, and scattered throughout the globe, but we are not alone. In comparison to the election; we are silent, many of us are shy, unspoken of our faith in fear of the consequences it may bring. Many are alone and in hiding, but there will come a time where God will give us the opportunity to speak up and let His light shine in our lives and in the lives of others. We must make the decision to trust Him and let Him shock the world—as He did with Trump’s victory—or shy away and reject God’s blessing.

In contrast to the election, we are not outnumbered. To the naked, unsaved eye, we are but few. But when you look through the eyes of God you can see the entire heavenly hosts standing behind us. You see Christ Himself in the midst and when you have Jesus, you have all you need.

So, don’t be ashamed of your shyness or your silence, wait on the Lord to lead you into discussions. But also, remember that it is your duty to spread the Gospel, to speak up in the name of Jesus—even and especially when your voice shakes.

Stay confident. Stay focused. Stay encouraged. God’s got this.