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The Creation

It started as an idea. One in passing, one they thought would come and go.

“I want to make something great.” A smile graced His lips, but not the kind that made you smile back. It was a smile that looked something between a smirk and a grin. One might call it mischievous.

He’d made many things before; beautiful things, graceful things, perfect things. But this time, He wanted to make something small, something a bit silly, something completely imperfect.

“Make them like us, Father,” His Son spoke up, wearing a kinder, gentler smile. “And give them somewhere nice to stay.”

“They can take the Southern Gates,” a whispering voice suggested. “There’s plenty of space there.”

“They won’t be here with us,” the Father replied. “I’m going to make them their own home and when they’ve finished their duties, they will join us here.”

No one objected.

“First,” Father said, rising from His throne. “I will make something that comes and goes, something that cannot be reversed. This will guide them, hone them, and teach them; I will call it Time and this portion will be known as; The Beginning.”

He descended and His companions followed, watching in silent awe as He walked through the vast expanse of what seemed like nothing. Here, there was no noise, no form, no mind, no body. It had not yet been created, it had not yet come into existence, though, it did have a name. He called it earth but it was without form, and void; and darkness was upon the face of the deep. And the Spirit moved upon the face of the waters.

He looked upon the creation, all knowledge and wisdom of what was to come waiting behind His omniscient eyes. “They will remember this moment,” He said. “Let there be light.”

It did not happen slowly, it did not happen quickly either. The words were spoken and the void, beholding its Master, beamed with joy.

He continued speaking, calling forth somethings out of nothing. His voice sounded like purity itself, and it must have been. His words held power; at the flick of His tongue, what He spoke become a visible form. Dry land, He called Earth, and the gathering together of the waters called he Seas.

When He walked, the earth blushed at His presence, its cheeks turning green, and He called that grass. When He passed through, it offered Him its best, whispering, look at what we can do, Almighty. Herbs and seeds sprouted, an offering unto the Lord, He called them vegetation.

He made creatures who lived in the waters, and creepy crawlers who lived on the earth. He made winged animals to take to the skies, and saw that all of it was good—so good that He wanted more. “Be fruitful, and multiply,” He commanded.

Father looked at the earth and all that was in it. “It’s lonely,” His Son said, watching His father closely.

“Then we’ll fill it with something.”

“Something that’s different from the beasts,” His Son said.

“Something greater than them. Let us make man in our image, after our likeness: and let them have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over the cattle, and over all the earth.”

“Use us,” the earth called out, pleading with Him. “Make man out of us.”

Father stooped and took the dirt into His hands. He molded it, shaped it, and gave it form. Then He breathed into the dirt, the air of His lungs giving birth to the soul. It awakened, slowly, timidly, unsure of what It was and what purpose It served.

God smiled at it, pleased with His creation. “What should we call it?”

His Son chuckled. “We should call it He.”

He …” God repeated. “Needs a better name. And a home.”

“He can have all of it.”

“No, I want a specific place that He can call home.”

God gathered His favorite trees, His favorite plants, and His favorite vegetation. He gave them fertile soil to live in and a river to stay watered. He gathered creatures and beasts and allowed them to live there in peace. Then He stood back and smiled yet again. “This will be called Eden and He will live here.”

“Adam,” Jesus said. “He will be called Adam.”

God smiled again. “It is finished.”

“Shall we rest?” Jesus asked.

He nodded. “Only for a day. Tomorrow, we will give Adam a companion."

I was not there when the earth was created. I did not get to hear God’s voice when He called out, Let there be light. But I can imagine the glory and the splendor of His majesty while He worked and brought into existence our very being. This is what I imagine, this is a fiction retelling of what I dream the Creation was like. I could be wrong, I could be offensively incorrect, but I am entitled to my imagination and I wanted to share it with you all.

I am aware that I left out various scriptures and that I did not go in Biblical order. That is not to say that I believe one certain thing was created before another certain, or that I am trying to ‘rewrite’ the Bible. Whatever changes I made or extra details I included were done for imaginative and fictional retelling purposes only. I am a firm Believer in the Word of God as it is written.

I do hope you enjoyed it.

God bless