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Love That Is

I want to take this time to describe true love. I thought I hadn’t felt it before; a love that is breathless, mind-blowing, and nearly too good to be true. A love that is innocent but passionate, a love that makes you feel alive again. The kind that gives you that silly grin for no good reason except that a certain someone is on your mind again.

I’ve always wanted that kind of love. Love that is beautiful. Love that is pure. Love that is honest. Love that simply is

I’ve always wanted someone I could look at and know exactly what they were thinking. Someone who knew how I felt before I did. Someone I knew I could trust and wasn’t afraid to talk to. I thought I would find that in someone who was handsome, well-off, educated, and, of course, a true Believer. I thought I would find all that in The One. The man of my dreams. The guy who made my heart go THUD. But I didn’t. I found it in someone who was gentle, kindhearted, and somewhat quiet.

I don’t really like quiet guys but suddenly I was head over heels with this man. He gave me hugs when I needed them, support when I wanted it, and He told me the sweetest things. Like how much He loved me. How I meant more than the world to Him. And that I was so special to Him. I found a love that no man could ever replace. I found a precious love that tugged at my heart and was so rich it was almost painful. I fell in love with Jesus and now I don’t want anyone else.

Everyone has heard that Jesus loves them. But do you KNOW it? Do you believe it in your heart? When someone loves you they want to give you the world. They want to be with you every moment of the day. You’re all they think about. Isn’t that romantic? To know that you are always on someone’s mind. Imagine always being on the mind of the creator of the universe. The God who holds this world in the palm of His hand is obsessed with you. He’s crazy about you and all He wants is your attention.

Why is it important to know and understand how much Jesus loves you?

Because love is what fuels us as Christians. Jesus died because He loves us. Jesus forgives because He loves us. Jesus shows us mercy because He loves us. Jesus blesses us when we don’t deserve it because He loves us. Everything is because of love.

When we know that Jesus loves us, when we TRULY know it, we can’t help but love Him in return. Once you truly love Christ, you learn to love yourself. When you love yourself, you learn to love others. Once you begin to love others, you begin to see the world the way Jesus did and that is how we are supposed to live as Christians.

Love Jesus. Love you. Love them.

It all starts with love. A kind love, a gentle love, an encouraging love. A love that is ….