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A public declaration of policy and aims: an announcement or proclamation of beliefs and/or goals.

There is a man who holds the universe in the palm of His hand. I imagine chaos and destruction should he ever close it—fingers folded over, planets colliding.

When the wind blows, the earth searches for its Master, reaching out, swaying in awe of His presence. When the clouds burst with rain, the skies cry glory. The water offers life to the tiny seeds below; slowly they grow—breaking their shells, forcing their way through the soil, reaching up to their Creator. They are greeted by the sun which rises in the morning, quietly asking permission to reveal the beauty of His splendor below. When the moon makes its debut, the earth settles, content in the dim hue of what we call night—a curtain playing shy behind the bright stars.

When He speaks the Word, the world resets: the sun rises, the wind blows, the plants grow, the moon comes out, the stars dance. Repeat.

Who is this man with all power?

Who is this unstoppable being?

Who makes the wind blow to cool the angry sun? Who tossed rocks to the sky and made them glow? Who told the moon where to hide and the sun where to stand? Who commands the seas and calms the wicked storms?

His name is whispered on the back of the wind—carried to all the nations. It is unmistakable, recognized in every language—feared by the darkness, praised by the light. He is my Father, my Savior, my God and King whose glory and righteousness will not go unnoticed. Praise be to His name—a name which cures disease, scatters evil, and brings shame to the doubtful. A name that changes your situation, a name that strikes fear into the hearts of the evil ones, a name that defeats all who stands against you and that at this name, every knee shall bow and every tongue shall confess that JESUS CHRIST is King.

This is my manifesto.

I believe in the One True God—that is; Father, Spirit, and Son. I believe that Good has won. I believe in the Word of God. I believe I am what it says I am and I can do what it says I can do. I can conquer, I can stand firm, I can love, I can fall—and I can get back up again. I can find comfort in His great love. I can find peace in the midnight hour. I can sleep when I lay down. I can live a life without sickness or disease. I can be successful in everything that I do. I can love—I can love—I can LOVE. The light of Christ shines in me and it is LOVE that people see.   

And all of God's people said....