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List of Good Christian Books (Fiction)


I’ve been running The Rebel Christian for five years now—I’ve come across hundreds of books and have enjoyed reading and reviewing each one. One thing I want to do for the Christian community is comprise a list of some of the best Christian books I have read over these last few years. I hope you give these authors the time and attention they deserve, their work is certainly worth a read—each title is a link to a personal review I’ve written and posted here on TRC, if you like the review then go ahead and check out their work!

Christian Fantasy/Supernatural: dragons, magic, fallen angels, and heart-pounding adventures! Begin your journey today.

In Angelic Arms (YA)- Becca Juergens

The Awakened- Richard Spillman

Eilinland: Through the Wall (YA)- Bailey Davenport

The Blue Tower (YA)- JB Simmons

Fallen Light- Benjamin A. Sorensen    


Christian Romance: heartbreak, gentle love, and budding friendships—hop onto this roller coaster of emotions and hold on tight.

Ashes of Glass (YA)- Emma Hill

Just Over the Horizon- Susan Rush

The Truth About Romantic Comedies (YA)- Sean C. McMurray

Innocence Denied- Mike Garrett

Forgiving Tess- Kimberly M. Miller


Christian Contemporary: drama, emotion, and a deep journey of self-discovery—find your next favorite feel-good novel here.

Living Waters- Ed Waldrop

Where Daffodils Bloom- Leya Delray

Superstar- Christopher Long

A Mountain Worth Moving- Amanda Mason

Stella (YA)- Elle E. Kay